Importance of Skincare + Must Haves

This is out of the ordinary for me to post about skincare, but I feel like it’s so important to have a good skincare routine especially when sweating almost everyday. If I don’t wash and treat my face right after a workout I almost always break out. A lot of people ask why I dont wash my face before a workout, but I usually come straight from work and would rather hold off until the evening.

For those of you who don’t know a lot about me, may not know that I work for a cosmetics brand. I absolutely love my other life outside of fitness and blogging and hope to share more of that with you all! I work on a well known makeup brand, which is another reason why I wanted to share my skincare routine. It’s so important to take care of our skin… same goes for our bodies.

Cosmedix recently invited me to a press event at Changes Salon and Spa in Walnut Creek. There I had the opportunity to learn about their line of products as well as receive a facial. I loved my facial so much that I’ve since gone back for another facial and peel. 🙂



I’ve worked at Sephora corporate in the past and now that I still work in beauty, I’ve had the opportunity to try lots of products. I’ve been using Cosmedix for about a month now and I’ve definitely added some favorites to the lineup!

This Benefit Clean Cleanser has been my go-to lately. It’s pretty light and gentle- I use it with my Clarisonic morning and night. (If you have never used a Clarisonic you are missing out! Must have!!)

I also love this Rescue + mask for when I am having a dry skin spell. I usually have normal to dry skin, but this intense hydrater is great to sleep with to relieve irritated or dry skin. I love this right after a peel. I’ve also been using Hydrate + on and off as my moisturizer for those dry skin days as well and love it.

I also wanted to share a few of my other favorite skincare must-haves. (I think I’ve tried almost everything out there so I hope you can find this useful!)


Cleansers: 1 // 2 // 3  (holy grail!!)// 4


Moisturizers: 1 (great for under makeup) // 2 // 3 (PTR has so many great products!) // 4 (this is a new find for me and I’m loving it so far)


Treatments: These are all must haves! 1 (might be my all time favorite product) // 2 // 3 (this is sitting on my desk at work!) // 4 (great for exfoliation)


Masks: 1 (love these sheet masks) // 2 // 3 (best anti-wrinkle mask) // 4


Clarisonics: I cant live without mine! So great for removing makeup and cleansing the skin of impurities. 1 (I have this one and love it) // 2 (this one is great for travel) // 3 (mens- great for father’s day!)

Are any of these in your skincare routine or on your list to try?

I hope this helps you ladies take care of your skin after your workouts! Would you all be interested in makeup posts? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Jenna

A big thank you to the Cosmedix team for your generosity!



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