Healthy Lunching with Farm Hill

Ok so if you guys have been reading for awhile now, you know this about me- I love to “meal prep” on Sundays (make my lunches and some dinners for the whole week in advance) but I also LOVE a good healthy pre-made meal. Time is of the essence these days and if my Sunday gets away from me easy and healthy meal options are a must. I still always like to plan ahead in order to get the most of my meals. Munchery, Sprig and Sunbasket are on my list, but I have another favorite to add. Farm Hill was just introduced to me a few weeks ago, and after consistently trying their meals I love it!

(This was my favorite meal! Chicken, kale and sweet potatoes! Exactly what I cook at home but 10x better! )

Farm Hill is for my Bay Area peeps (check the website for delivery areas)- founded in 2013 with a mission to make healthy eating simple. (YES- it can be easy to eat healthy!)

Farm Hill 1. offers fresh and healthy meals at the click of a button, and 2. scales this for anyone that’s trying to stay fit, get healthy, or just craving a fix of kale for lunch.

What I love about Farm Hill:
  • Boxes are curated and packaged fresh each morning and out for delivery by lunch
  • Menu rotates on a weekly basis, featuring cuisines and tastes from all over the world
  • A bit untraditional- treats like date bite truffles and chipotle-roasted almonds as dessert
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Each box comes with the option of a vegan or paleo substitute – 85% of boxes are listed at $9.99 or less and they also offer catering at $13/portion. As for delivery, they charge $1.99 per order (regardless of order size)
  • I love supporting small start ups that are on their way to being a huge success (They started in a small kitchen in Campbell, CA and packaged their first boxes in cardboard with handwritten labels)


(This chicken salad was delicious and so was the Vegan plate in the back!)

So what’s the difference between all these meal services?

There’s Sprig who promotes “Healthy, organic meals” and Munchery, whose motto is “Real food, delivered.” Farm Hill’s mission is to make healthy eating, truly simple. They focus on making a few items really well, rather than having a laundry list of options.

Farm Hill is offering you a 10% off discount code! Enter code ‘JPFARMHILLSF’ at checkout (applicable on all orders $9.99 or more).

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! Thank you Farm Hill!

xo, Jenna

Keep up with Farm Hill: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


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