Hello 2016!

It’s that time again. The first of January, the start of a new year, and a new beginning. As I sit here and write my resolutions for the year, I’m super excited for a fresh start. Personally, I felt like this past year just skated by. It was unbelievable- starting a new job in beauty/cosmetics which is a truly a dream come true, continuing to commit to health and fitness (and finding what works for me), continuing my journey in San Francisco and celebrating 5 years with my other half. Its been a great year, but I’m ready for you 2016.

Ready to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Ready to take a leap of faith.

Ready to practice more patience.

Ready to crush my fitness goals.

FullSizeRender (00B)

A few of my favorites from 2015


It’s really hard to start fresh. I know a lot of you have health and fitness at the top of your list of resolutions. Want to loose 10 pounds? Want to run your first race? Want to cut out sweets from your diet? All not an easy task. You may have heard these tips before, but they’ve helped me reach many goals and am hoping will help you on the path to success!

Start with realistic goals and nothing to drastic. We want to allow ourselves time to adjust and not feel overwhelmed. Instead of telling ourselves that you want to loose 20 pounds (seems overwhelming) say we want to hit the gym 3-4 times a week then slowly build to 5 days a week. If you’ve never been a runner but want to run a marathon, start with a 5k then build up to a half marathon. So many of us give up so quickly because we exhaust ourself before we have the chance to see change. Start small before feeling overwhelmed enough to give up.

Change takes time so be patient. Especially this time of year we tend to be “gung ho” about getting back in the gym. We’ll work hard day after day but give up because we expect fast results. Be patient. Find a routine that works for you and makes you happy. We have a whole NEW YEAR to reach our goals, so dont feel like it has to be done in the first 3 months. It takes time to make a lifestyle change, especially one that you love.

Reward yourself. When you reach a small goal, reward yourself with something you love other then food. Buy yourself new running shoes, or new workout clothes…a few of my favorite things. 🙂

Be consistent. Eating healthy 3 days and junk the other 4 most likely won’t help us reach our goals. Your hard work in January may not show up until February, so stay consistent. That doesn’t mean we can’t eat a cookie every once in awhile. I find that what I deprive myself of, I want even more. Have that cookie then get back to your healthy eating. It’s all about balance and consistency and not deprivation.

I saw this on instagram and it totally resonated with me. (Cant remember who posted this though- comment below if you know so I can give credit!)

DECIDING changes everything and nothing changes until you DECIDE to take action.

DECIDE you are ready to be your best you.

DECIDE you will make better choices starting now.

DECIDE to move more.

DECIDE to surround yourself  with positive people.

DECIDE you will eat foods that are good for you.

DECIDE you are done with excuses and will look for solutions.

Once you DECIDE, your world will start to change.

Happy 2016!!

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

xo, Jenna









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