Workout of the Day + Nike Zoom Pegasus Review

Another day, another workout! Now I am less then a week away from Mexico and find myself getting more and more motivated to look great in a bikini. Today was a triceps and shoulders day for me, no cardio although I did warm up 5 mins on the elliptical. Here is what the workout looked like:

Wednesday (Triceps & Shoulders)

Circuit #1: 15 reps, repeat 3 times

Triceps dumbbell kickbacks (15 each arm)

Overhead tricep extension

Bench dips

Circuit #2: 10 reps, repeat 3 times

Tricep push down on cables

Tricep overhead extensions on cables (with rope)

One arm dumbell tricep extension

Circuit #3: 10 reps, repeat 3 times

Alternating deltoid raise

Upright row with barbell

One arm side lateral raise

This may sound like I am speaking a foreign language, but we all start somewhere so if you don’t know what these exercises look like you are not alone! I would suggest looking up on where they have a whole library of these exercises and pictures. Each day we make progress and each day it gets easier!

unnamed (1)

I also wanted to give a quick review on my new Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 because these are the absolute best Nike shoes I have ever owned! I usually wear my Flyknit Racers, but those have barely any support and have felt some uncomfortable pain in my knees after long runs. I have an extremely narrow and flat foot so it’s hard to find running shoes that are comfortable and tight on my long feet, but I’ve finally found them!

Why I love Nike Zoom Pegasus (without getting too shoe techy):

  • Cushion and responsiveness is incredible! This shoe is firmer in the heel and forefoot and supports my foot like no other shoe has before.
  • Both for heavier runners and beginners. I wear them on a long run and also days at the gym- very versatile.
  • Great looking- because why would I buy an ugly running shoe 😉

Flynknit Racers are now my errand running shoes, and these new Zoom Pegasus 31’s are my ultimate workout shoes. I’ve finally found my shoe match. yay!

What’s your favorite running shoe?

xo, Jenna


2 thoughts on “Workout of the Day + Nike Zoom Pegasus Review

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve heard great things about the Zooms! I have Nike Free 3.0’s that are adorable, but make my feet hurt whenever I try to “jump around” in them. Would you recommend these for ploy-type workouts, or just running/lifting?

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