A Workout A Day

Let’s talk vacation prep! I know you ladies like to get in shape before your summer vacay right? I especially hope you’re not crash dieting the week before but giving yourself some time to prep a few weeks in advance if not months depending on your goals. I’ve been pretty consistent lately, but I’m heading to Mexico a week from today which means time to buckle down on training and diet! I certainly don’t expect to become ripped or loose 10 pounds in a week but certainly hope to tighten up a bit before spending a week on the beaches of Cancun. I feel like this is the right time to share my knowledge with you all, especially as I get more serious this coming week. I get a lot of questions about how to prep for vacations so hopefully this is helpful to you if you have something coming up or just want to get fit for YOU!

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Here are my workouts so far this week for you to try (ps- I’m loving circuit training!)

Monday (biceps and cardio):

Run on treadmill 10 mins (fast pace)

Circuit #1: 15 reps (each arm), repeat 4 times

Dumbbell bicep curls

Alternating hammer curls

Concentration curls

Run 10 mins (fast pace)

Circuit #2: 15 reps (each arm), repeat 4 times

Barbell bicep curl

Barbell bicep curl with alternating focus on top half of arm, then bottom half of arm

Reverse barbell curl

Run 10 mins (fast pace)

Cable hammer curls with rope 10×3

Preacher curls 10×3


Tuesday (Legs and Glutes):

Run to the gym (2 miles)

Circuit #1: 20 reps, repeat 3 times

Lunges with dumbbell weights (rotating legs)

Reverse lunge with dumbbell weight (rotating legs)

Deadlift with dumbells

Circuit #2: Repeat 3 times

Cable machine glute kickbacks -10 reps each leg

Side leg raises on cable machine- 10 reps each leg

Squats no weights- 20 reps

Leg press 4×10

Leg curl machine 4×10 (last set to failure)

(Jumping lunges in between sets)


I’m already seeing a huge change in my physique just from a few days of pushing a little bit harder! A lot of this has to do with nutrition as well. I’ve been fueling with lots of protein and really loving a green juice for breakfast. More workouts to come for the rest of the week! Let me know what you guys think!

xo, Jenna


One thought on “A Workout A Day

  1. Hi Jenna! I hope you’re doing well! I never do split days like this, but I know it can be super tough. Great job on your workouts! I’m heading to Hawaii in three weeks, so I’m going to up my water intake and get some extra veggies in before then! 🙂

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