Gym Review: OnPointe Training

Happy Monday! I had the opportunity to check out a new studio in SF last week which I wanted to share with you guys. OnPointe Training is a pilates and personal training studio in the Marina district.  ​The small group classes are performed in groups of four  at $33 per person, which allows for a great 1-1 experience.


Recently named Top 5 in the Bay, OnPointe Training owner Kaitlyn Rhoades’ expertise is astonishing. After dancing in The American Ballet, Kaitlyn decided to pursue her next passion – fitness. At OnPointe Training, Kaitlyn combines her experience with movement and the human body alongside her Pilates training.

I walked into the studio last week to a very welcoming staff. With very little pilates training I was a bit intimidated but ready to jump in and experience the reformer. The studio is cozy and with 4 spots in a class they fill up fast! I was lucky enough to have a few no shows and a class all to myself! I had the opportunity to try all of Claudia’s favorite moves, while focusing on glutes and abs which I requested. As you all know, I love to run and lift, but I also love experiencing different forms of exercise to keep my body guessing. Pilates is a great mix of stretching and tightening while lengthening my muscles and finding proper posture. I left the class feeling 10 times taller and leaner! I would definitely recommend you add pilates into your workout regime at least 1x a week!

3 reasons to try OnPointe Training: 

1. The staff is ever so welcoming and knowledgeable. Thank you Claudia and Kaitlyn!

2. The class will leave you sore in places you didn’t know existed. Pilates hits different muscle groups and it’s important to work as many groups as possible. Good posture is also very important and I felt like I made progress! While I didn’t sweat like crazy, this type of training is great to work into your regime. Lengthen and strengthen…enough said!

3. Versatility! OnPointe offers many different reformer classes focusing on different muscle groups each time. They also offer jumpboard classes, ballet inspired reformer classes and personal training. offers online workout videos to help you reach your goals. Also check out their blog here.

Thank you Kaitlyn and Claudia for having me! Nothing like a great fitness class in my own backyard. 🙂

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