My Favorite Activewear Brand at the Moment…

Let’s talk athletic apparel! One of my favorite topics. I’m always on the hunt for some great workout clothes. I typically go for Nike and occasionally Lululemon, but I’ve been searching for something a little different lately. I came across ALALA, a fashion forward activewear brand and fell in love!

unnamed (9)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (11)

(You can shop my outfit here)

Quite possible the most comfortable pants and tee I own, but also super fashionable! I love the mesh back on the top and marble-like design on the pants. The fabric is also super lightweight, sweat resistant and very high quality.

A little more about the brand…

“From an early morning spin class to back to back meetings to a late dinner with friends, we are redefining the meaning of living an active life.”

The ALALA declaration: 

… that we don’t have to leave our style in the locker room 

… that loving the way we look in our gear makes our workout so much better 

… that neither fashion nor exercise should be taken so seriously 

… in indulging in a bowl of spaghetti and a glass or two (or three) of wine 

… that, like fashion, we’ll try any workout on for size 

… that it’s always more fun to work out with friends 

 Be sure to check out their website for new Spring 15 collection beauties here. Enjoy!

 photo JennaSig_zpse9c98adc.png

Thank you ALALA for sponsoring this post.


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