Gym Review: The Dailey Method

Monday we meet again! I visited The Dailey Method last week and I’m finally getting around to updating you guys on my experience. Have any of you tried any of their classes? Different from Pure Barre, Bar Method and other variations, The Dailey Method combines ballet barre work, core conditioning and muscle strengthening through yoga, pilates and orthopedic exercise. The intrinsic focus on alignment and strength together results in better posture and movement.


Here’s the story…

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I visited the SF, Marina district location last week and the girls there were super friendly and extremely helpful! Going into a class I’ve never taken before, I’m always a little nervous about not knowing what to expect. They were so welcoming, gave me a tour of the facility and got me ready for my first class. The class was on the small side (10-15 people) which I prefer over a larger class. The teacher was very informative and helpful with each movement being unfamiliar to me. So let’s weigh out the pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s- Loved the smaller group, giving you more access to 1:1 training from the teacher. The movements were all slow and in control, giving you much more focus on your muscles rather then just going through the movement. Although, I wasn’t sore the next day I felt like I was really working each muscle group to a point of failure. Focusing so heavily on movement and balance makes for a smarter workout.

Con’s- You guys know me, and I love to sweat! A great workout for me is being absolutely exhausted at the end, sweating like crazy and being extra sore the next day. So I am going to be completely honest with you guys, when I say that this particular workout may have not been for me…BUT it could be for YOU! I always make it a point to try new things, and find whats right for me, and I encourage you all to do the same. You could totally love this workout, loose a ton of weight or loose inches. There are many ways to do so, it’s important to find your ideal practices. I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying new classes though, it’s the only way to find what you like, I just prefer a faster pace and that’s my personal opinion.

Overall, I would definitely suggest you try The Dailey Method if you’re looking for a new form of exercise. My mom took it and loved it! I really think that this class is for all fitness levels, which is hard to find!


The Dailey Method created a “Burn Bright Manifesto” which I absolutely love! Burn bright is a feeling created by you. When asked why people take The Dailey Method, many responded saying that the classes help you feel like you’re living life to the fullest and burning bright as a result. Share the hashtag #BurnBrightDailey on instagram and possibly win some free classes!

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I hope these “gym review” posts help to get you on a path towards reaching your fitness goals and trying new things! Do you have some favorite fitness classes? Please share in the comments!

Thank you so much for having me The Dailey Method team!

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Gym Review: DIAKADI | New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that came around so fast. I’m pretty excited to start a fresh year, with a lot more goals on the top of my mind. It’s a great time to rejuvenate and get motivated again! In the past years, have you made a resolution to get healthy and fit, only to burn out in a month or two? It’s not uncommon at all, but this is the year you will stick to it!

Speaking of resolutions and getting a jump start on new fitness goals, I recently visited DIAKADI– San Francisco’s most comprehensive  fitness, performance, and life facility. If you haven’t heard of DIAKADI (like myself before the visit) I HIGHLY suggest you check them out!

Since opening in 2004 as San Francisco’s largest personal training-only gym, owners Billy Polson and Mike Clausen have worked diligently to gather a portfolio of San Francisco’s premiere health and wellness services. The key distinction of the facility is definitely its personal training. DIAKADI has been recognized to have the BEST personal trainers in the city based on their custom-design, detailed assessments and individualized programs for all types and levels of clients.


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I HAVE NOT had a better personal training experience then I did with Billy. Before my session I filled out a comprehensive client intake form and when I arrived he knew exactly what I needed to work on. Honestly, going in I felt like he would show me the basics (which I already knew) and try to sell me on the gym. This was not the case AT ALL. I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain, often causing headaches and Billy cut straight to the point, noticed my issues and showed that he cared to do anything he can to help me. He showed me new exercises which I’m almost positive will change me life (not even kidding), he gave me advice on how to de-stress, as well as nutritional goals, which I have begun to implement this new year. Since our session, he has checked in with me to see how I am progressing, given me a plan of action, as well as sent me videos he took of me during our session so I can look over at home. I could not have had a better experience at DIAKADI.  They are SUPER friendly, action oriented and entirely focused on your goals. The facility is amazing, great locker rooms, juice bar and snacks. They also have a relaxation room, TRX ropes, an area for boxing and pretty much anything you need to reach your goals. You can’t go wrong. I look forward to going back!


DIAKADI is also expanding their facility to provide even more room for training and new equipment. Same location, more square footage! They are also thinking about starting group fitness classes, so stay tuned for that. 🙂


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After my session at DIAKADI I was clear on what I needed to focus on this year. Here are a few on my list of resolutions for 2015:
  • Eliminate all of my neck and shoulder pain by continuously working on my posture and exercises
  • Eliminate processed foods from my diet (breads, powders, bars)
  • Eliminate caffeine (this is a tough one for me, yikes!!)
  • Start my day with eggs and green smoothie, rather than a starch
  • Stress LESS! Enjoy more. 🙂 (Billy mentioned I check out Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin)

What are some of your new year resolutions? Comment below!

Thanks so much for having me DIAKADI! You guys rock!

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*This post was sponsored by DIAKADI but all opinions are my own