Nike Women’s Half Marathon Recap

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share some pics from the Nike Women’s half marathon a few weekends ago. I’ve also posted some of these on my Facebook and Instagram, so apologies for the repeats! This was a PHENOMENAL race. Nike always does such an amazing job, and this is by far my favorite race to date (well, maybe right after Paris).

unnamed (3)

 We started by going to the expo in Union Square. The energy is unreal. To have so many runners in the same place, just as excited as I am makes for such an exciting atmosphere.

unnamed (4)

Jeff and I goofing around at the expo. Always making an excuse to flex. They had a ton of great photo ops, high energy music and plenty of swag. 😉


While we were downtown I couldn’t help but stop by Nike Town to pick up a few things for the race. 🙂

Sports bra: here / shorts: here

unnamed (5)

Selfie at the starting line!

Hat: here

unnamed (2)

I loved the colors in this shot! There were literally hundreds of people swarming the streets at the starting line. Such an amazing feeling!

unnamed (6)

unnamed (1)

 After training and completing this race, this is the strongest I’ve felt both mentally and physically. I’ve dedicated myself to every single run and to this very goal. I’ve made a decision to PR each race that comes my way, each making me even stronger, even more determined and even more passionate about my goals. Half marathons are where my heart is, and I look forward to getting faster and faster each race. I couldnt have been more excited to PR at 1:58…my goal was under 2 and there was no way that I would not let that happen. I abosolutely loved the course, and when mile 10 (the dreadful uphill) came around there was nothing that would stop me. Running is just one of those things that makes me happiest! Can’t wait until next year. 🙂

Have any of you run the Nike Marathon? If so, please do share your thoughts about the race!

 photo JennaSig_zpse9c98adc.png


5 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Half Marathon Recap

  1. Congratulations! You should be ultra happy with that half marathon time, and by the sounds of it, it was anything but a flat course. What time did you guys get started? … looks quite dark. Looked amazing, the atmosphere must have been electric.

  2. I Did that race also! It was amazing! I liked it better than last year. Things where not so congested at the finish line. I will admit though, mile 10 kicked my butt.
    It was still a blast though!!

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