Acai Smoothie Bowl with ZICO

Zico coconut water is my go-to for hydration needs. I love the flavor of coconut water, especially before or after working out. Zico can also be used in smoothies, baking and protein shakes, among other delicious recipes. Right now I’m really into Acai smoothies bowls. Acai berries are basically THE BEST thing for you (in my opinion, not even kidding!). You can read more about acai here, here, and here.

For my smoothie bowls, I basically throw some fruit, zico water, a frozen acai packet and sometimes greek yogurt or protein powder into a blender then top a few healthy ingredients I have laying around in my kitchen.

image (4)

This particular bowl I blended the following ingredients:

  • Zico water
  • Frozen blueberry and strawberry mixture
  • Frozen Acai packet (bought at whole foods)
  • Non fat greek yogurt
  • Protein powder (optional-I used designer whey strawberry flavor)

Then topped with the following:

  • Chia seeds
  • Oats
  • coconut chips
  • Fresh berries

This is perfect for breakfast or really any time of day! (I’ll post some green smoothies soon!)

And here’s another morning smoothie I had the other day using ZICO:


*Thanks to Zico for sponsoring this post.

9-23-2014 2-41-37 PM

 photo JennaSig_zpse9c98adc.png


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