Giant Race Recap

I finally uploaded our pics from the Giant Race from a few weekends ago. We had SO much fun, and if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed that Jeff ran with my mom and I for the very first time!! Let’s start by saying that he HATES running. He is not a fan of cardio, although he lifts with me on a daily basis. He has always sworn he will never run with me…until now. I don’t know what I convinced him, but I did. We were a little nervous for him, as he has not ran in over 10 years up until the day of the race. (Not recommended!) Believe it or not, he did awesome!! I stuck with him throughout and we finished with 9:30 pace. So proud!


< Starting line selfie >

unnamed (6)

 <getting ready to go!>

unnamed (1)

unnamed (5)

 <It was HOT, but such a beautiful day>

unnamed (2)

<mother / daughter moment … I love sharing a love of running with my mom :)>

unnamed (3)

<and we did it!!>


<Jeff showing off his very first medal…lol>

Running with family and friends is the absolute best. If you have a family member that isn’t into running, start with a 5k. Make it a family affair. (I actually convinced my Dad to join us in our next 5k!!!)  Encourage your loved ones to get out there with you, its a great environment to be around like minded, active, happy people.

Click here for more info about the Giant Race.


 photo JennaSig_zpse9c98adc.png


7 thoughts on “Giant Race Recap

  1. My husband and I ran the turkey trot in downtown San Francisco last year, and we had a great time. I do love a good community race, but haven’t done one in a while. Glad you had fun, and congrats to your Mom and Man for running it with you!

  2. That sounds great Jenna! Finally Jeff decided to do something out of the usual things he does and that is to run. I’m sure he was so happy after running. It is really a nice feeling to do something with your family and love ones. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s a funny story about Jeff. I was actually a guy who hated running too, but now inexplicably I kind of enjoy it after my fiancee encouraged me to do it more about a year ago.

    • Same here Kurt! Running definitely has to grow on some more than others, but I think it’s always easier when you have someone else to run with, especially family. I heard there’s this app called Smashon where you might find a bunch of people in your community to run with. Have you heard of it? “Community Runners:”

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