Back & Shoulders Circuit Training

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Back circuit (Repeat 3x)

-lat pull down (15)

-cable seated rows (15)

-dumbell bent over rows (15 each arm)

-Assisted pull ups (15/last set to failure)


Shoulders circuit (Repeat 3x)

-Plate front raises (15)

-seated barbell shoulder press (15)

-barbell upright row (15)

-assisted pull ups (15/last set to failure)


I usually don’t train shoulders because it has a tendency to give me headaches the next day. However, I think it’s time to suck it up! After seeing a chiropractor for quite some time, I think we fixed the headache problem so I finally decided to give shoulders a try.

I have never been able to do a pull up. EVER. Until now. Practice, practice, practice and your body will become noticeably stronger! 🙂

Tip of the day: Do you find yourself asking what to eat before and after a workout? Here is what I’ve currently been consuming: 90 mins pre workout I try to eat .25 grams of carbs and .25 grams of protein. This meal depends on your tolerance before exercising. Some days I feel like I need to eat, others I can eat much less and still get after a session. Then I like to guzzle down a pre workout on the ride to the gym. This never changes. Love my pre workout! Directly after a workout I always go for a protein shake. Fueling immediately post workout helps the body repair and fuel right away. Once the post workout shake is down the hatch I usually give it an hour then have an adequate size meal consisting of lean protein and complex carbs. Your anabolic window is 3-4 hours post workout so be sure to make the most of it! Now I’m preparing for bed, and 8 hours of sleep is the most important time for your body to recover. I never want to go to bed hungry. This is a great opportunity for a casein shake (sometimes I go for cottage cheese) and a healthy fat like an avocado. To note, this is from my personal preference after lots of research. Find what’s right for you, even if it takes lots of trial and error.
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5 thoughts on “Back & Shoulders Circuit Training

  1. Wondering…I am in need of a pre-workout and protein shake recipe.
    What is your preferred pre-workout brand/flavor?
    and post workout protein shake, which do you prefer?

    • Hi Anne- I love optimum nutrition for protein shakes and pre-workout, all the flavors are so good! I love the chocolate for shake and raspberry lemonade pre workout (its called PRE). My alternatives are designer whey protein, as well as cellucor pre workouts. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I normally suffer from back pain between the upper and mid section on my left. I wonder if these would be a great workout for me? Also, I do love protein shakes I get mine online from Herbalife.

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