4th of July Insta Pics + Crash Dieting No No’s

Hey everyone! We just got back from an amazing vacation in Lake Tahoe which I organized for my boyfriends birthday. 15 of us, in the same house, kind of like Real World right? We had a BLAST! My diet and exercise were lacking but I needed a break…and I definitely got one.


I shared this photo on my Instagram a few days ago. This was the very first day of vacation. We actually went to Maine for a wedding, had 2 days at home then went straight to Tahoe. Those 2 days at home I decided to double day, cut out all carbs and eat super healthy. I ate carrots, veggies, and lean chicken and turkey. In just 2 days my abs were back. HOWEVER, I certainly DO NOT recommend doing this for a long period of time though. After the first day in Tahoe, I ate a bunch of junk because I needed the break. I was craving a break. But because of the strict dieting I crashed. This just proved to me that the whole “no carb” and over doing yourself in the gym DOES NOT WORK!

I’ve been home for 2 days now, and feeling back to normal after just one workout and healthy meals. I believe there is no need to be so strict on your body. Workout, get moving somehow, eat healthy and be happy is my motto! 🙂

unnamed (1)

We rented an amazing place right in the Tahoe Keys. Boat, kayak, canoe, paddle boat, jet ski the whole deal!

unnamed (2)

I did have one really good healthy meal… salmon nicoise salad from Riva Grill. YUM!

unnamed (3)

Boating fun with the birthday boy!

unnamed (4)

On the last day we decided to avoid the cocktails, rent bikes and go on a bike ride around Tahoe. So much fun!

unnamed (5)

My girlfriend and I before heading out to the casinos. Romper from Revolve Clothing.

unnamed (6)

And then there was this…the BEST red velvet birthday cake in all the land. Highly suggest Susie Cakes for any birthday needs.

Jeff’s birthday is actually on the 16th so we have a few more events planned, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!

Back to reality now, but actually glad to be back in my routine. Gym, healthy eats, feeling healthy and happy.

Find me on insta: @fitnessandthecity. Would love to connect with you all!

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