Healthy Vacationing Tips & Food Pics

Happy Wednesday! We just returned from a wedding on Peaks Island, Maine and thought I’d share some of my food pics with you lovelies. As we all know, its not an easy task to find healthy eats while on vacation, but I managed to find a few! Also sharing some tips below.

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This delicious smoothie was from a little store in the airport. It had strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt and almond milk. I almost died when I saw a smoothie / juice bar at Boston Logan! We also went to a Mexican restaurant where I ordered their version of a tostada salad. Chicken, black beans and salad. It was pretty delish. The shrimp cocktail was also from the Boston airport but on the way home…can you tell we like to eat while waiting for our flight?

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My boyfriends bday is coming up so we went for a nice dinner at the Bedford Village Inn with his family. This place was the cutest little New Hampshire Inn, and the food was excellent. I usually always order chicken and veggies, and also indulged in a few birthday chocolates.

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This crab dish was delicious! Crab meat mixed with mustard, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and egg. I ordered a big ol lobster at the rehearsal dinner…when in Maine. 🙂 I also like to avoid plane food, so found this greens smoothie right before we boarded. It was kale, spinach, cucumber and lemon. + a little flight reading. 🙂

unnamed (9)

Us. 🙂 Dress from Rent the Runway.

My vacationing tips and tricks:

  • Drink lots of water! Always pack some with you when you’re on the go. The first thing I do when I pass through the security is head straight to the store to buy a water bottle.
  • Make time for exercise. Why not incorporate some sort of exercise into the daily agenda? Make time to run in the morning before everyone is up, go on a hike, or bike through a city to see the sights.
  • Pack snacks. I like to carry almonds, protein bars (Quest bars) or little snacks to keep me satisfied. Sometimes you wont be near a restaurant or store, and its easiest to be prepared rather than heading straight for the fast food or the first thing that you can find.
  • Look for healthy items on a restaurant menu. There is almost always a healthy option, and if not dont be afraid to ask. I usually ask for some sort of protein (chicken or fish) with a side of veggies. They will almost always accommodate you.
  • Don’t feel guilty after a treat here or there! After all, you are on vacation. You can always buckle back down once you return home.

Do you continue your healthy lifestyle while on vacation?

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