Erica’s Top 5 Pro-Tips for Barry’s Bootcamp Class

Today I wanted to introduce to you guys one of the hardcore trainers from Barry’s Bootcamp SF! Erica is a superstar, teaching at Barry’s almost every day. Not only drop dead gorgeous, her passion for health and fitness is so inspiring to me. Erica was kind enough to share her top 5 pro-tips for Barry’s Bootcamp class with us.



Erica’s Top 5 Pro-Tips for Barry’s Bootcamp Class:

1) Start on the Treadmill First In LA/NYC you’ll see lines out the door at Barry’s Bootcamp, and not just because it’s a great workout. They’re getting early to get that spot on the treadmill first. Most people prefer to warm-up on the treadmill and get that part done!

2) Bring a Friend (or a Date!) I promise you will workout better next to a friend, especially if you’re competitive. “Couples that sweat together, stay together”

3) Push Yourself to Failure Don’t be afraid to pick heavy weights. At Barry’s Bootcamp, we superset exercises to a single muscle group to burn out max calories and build lean muscle tissue. You SHOULD hit fatigue by the last rep of each set if you picked up the correct weights.

4) Control Your Breathing Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. The key to control is finding a breathing pattern that works for you on the treadmill. On the floor for strength training, exhale on the most challenging part of the exercise (usually the concentric phase). Remember – JUST BREATH – your muscles are screaming at you for oxygen, aka your body’s source of energy.

5) Eat Protein After Within 45 minutes after your workout, you should consume lean protein to rebuild the muscle tissue and speed up recovery time. Go for the Simple PB smoothie at the Fuel Bar – my favorite!



Erica Stenz started teaching fitness and nutrition at UC Santa Barbara in 2007 while she earned her B.A. in Communications and double minor in Exercise and Health Science and Fitness Instruction. Erica promotes a balanced, active lifestyle and has a passion for making a difference people’s lives. Her passion is reflected through her duel careers in fitness and marketing. Known as San Francisco’s “little firecracker,” Erica’s endless energy in class and upbeat music will motivate you to reach and exceed your fitness and wellness goals. #inspiretosweat


Thank you so much Erica! I am SO excited to take your classes. And you guys will hear from me as soon as I do! Also be sure to check out Erica’s blog Your Sister Saysand you can see her class schedule (here).

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