In Need of Bikini Body Motivation?

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Have you stopped to think about what really motivates you? Is it a picture of a fitness model? Inspirational quote? Maybe a vision of what you want your physique to look like? Maybe a little of each. I have been lacking in the motivation department a teeny bit lately so wanted to send a “random” post to those of you who may be feeling the same. It’s bikini body season! Time to get motivated!

With the 4th of July and a few weddings right around the corner, it’s time to give myself that extra push. Do you have an event coming up that is motivating you to loose weight? Build muscle? Get fit? Use that event as your goal to get moving!

Here’s the plan. Grab a pen and paper, and write down each and every short term and long term goal. Start small, by maybe choosing something that you want to cut out of your diet. Say for example, you are a chocoholic (like myself), start small by eating chocolate 3x a week, then dwindling down to none in long term. These will often lead up to bigger goals, so start somewhere! In the next two weeks I am planning to up my cardio, as well as slowly cut out cheese and alcohol out of my diet while keeping on my standard meal plan. Hopefully with these small changes, a big change will occur.

Then after writing down your goals, most importantly, keep yourself accountable. Track your progress in a journal, take progress pictures. Don’t be shy to take a “selfie” here and there, it will help you track your results! Dig deep, find that motivation within yourself. Try not to look to others, this is YOUR mind you have to change. Stay hungry!

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“ It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. When you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s when change occurs.”

If you are lacking in motivation, what do you do to get back on track?

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3 thoughts on “In Need of Bikini Body Motivation?

  1. I read a book recently called “The Obstacle Is The Way”. It reminded me to look every obstacle or temptation as something I have to overcome to become something better. It gave me a lot of power, and I don’t need motivation anymore. I was flirting with a sponge pudding at lunch, but I reminded myself to overcome the temptation, and didn’t buy it 🙂

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