Importance of H20 + Win a Thermos Filtration Bottle (Giveaway)

I know a lot of us forget, or maybe don’t know exactly how important it is to drink water to achieve our fitness goals. I’ve heard a few dehydration stories during marathons recently, but running is not the only time we need to guzzle that H2O. Water also aids in weight-loss, increases energy and helps build muscle. For those who know me personally, know that I drink more water than anyone on this planet! I feel lost and totally depleted without it. Some people need more water in their bodies than others, myself on the high end of the scale.

So to get a little more scientific…the human brain is composed of 95% water. Blood is about 82% water and lungs are 90% water. So without a doubt water is the most critical nutrient for health, grow and development. It’s the most important and also the most abundant.

Healthy Benefits of H2O:

* Healthy skin
* Healthy teeth and bones
* Healthy joints
* Increase energy
* Helps build muscle
* Increases muscle tone

Who doesn’t want all of that?!

How much should we drink? They say the average person requires a minimum of 8-12 cups of water a day. But, this is far too low for active people who exercise on a regular basis. All depending on your size and perspiration rate, you lose 4 cups of water per hour of exercise. Or if in a hot climate you can easily loose a gallon or more by the end of a workout. So active adults, athletes and bodybuilders should drink 1.5-3 gallons at minimum of water/day. Before, during and after exercise water is most important, so drink up!

If you want to read some interesting key points I found on click here.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Thermos Brand for hooking me up with this pretty cool 22-ounce Filtration bottle (Target, $25). This water bottle filters water from nasty chemicals while reducing bad odor and taste from your average tap water.

unnamed (1)



Good news: Thermos Brand is giving away a filtration bottle to one lucky Fitness & the City reader- woohoo! 

To enter:

Leave a comment letting us know how many cups or gallons of water you try to drink a day.

Extra (optional) entries:

1. Like Thermos Brand on Facebook
2. Follow Thermos Brand on Twitter: @Thermos
3. Follow Thermos Brand on Pinterest
4. Like Fitness & the City on Facebook
5. Follow Fitness & the City on Twitter: @jennapardini
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Winner will be chosen and announced on May 2nd. Good Luck!

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50 thoughts on “Importance of H20 + Win a Thermos Filtration Bottle (Giveaway)

  1. What a timely post. I left my water bottle at the gym yesterday after teaching a group fitness class, and I know I’ll never get it back. I need a new one!

    I don’t keep track of how much water I drink, but I know I’ve always got a glass or bottle of it right by my side. I’d like to drink 10 glasses a day. I don’t think I’m there yet though.

  2. I try for about 8 cups a day but now that I’m pregnant I’m more likely to get dehydrated faster so now I’m going for at least 12 cups per day. I carry a water bottle around literally everywhere I go, even if I’m out for 5 minutes my water bottle comes with me. 🙂

  3. I always have a full cup of water at my desk and I drink a ton during/after exercise.

    I am following Thermos on Twitter and Pinterest. I follow you on FB/Twitter and Pinterest.

    Thank you.

  4. Shoot, I have the worst luck with water bottles. I’m always dropping and breaking them 😦 Sigh….I try to drink at least 64oz a day with meals, than another 32-64oz more if I have a long run or harder workout. These bottles are super cute!

  5. I actually read somewhere (sorry I forgot where because its been a while) But its actually whatever your Body Weight is divided in half. Thats how many Oz of water your should drink a Day!
    So for example if you weigh: 120 pounds divide by 2 = 60..So it would be 60oz of Water a Day 🙂
    I try and Aim for that..Hopefully If I Win this I would remember to Drink More Water! hehe 😉

  6. I drink about 3L of water a day… Love my water! I also drink a lot of coffee so I have to balance it out. I usually buy a massive smartwater bottle every day but I would feel so much greener having a re-usable bottle!

  7. I start and finish my days with an 8oz glass of water then try to drink between 6-8 16oz glasses (I have a glass that I take to work with me- a water bottle would probably be better!) throughout the day. (I did the extra entries except twitter because I’m not on twitter 😊.)

  8. I am very active and I try to get 100 oz a day. I keep a one liter water bottle nearly glued to my hand so I just have to fill it up 3-4 times and I get my 100 oz.
    I followed and liked all of the above.

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