A Note of Encouragement

Dear you, (the newly committed gym-goer)

I saw you walk into the gym yesterday for the very first time. I could tell that you were scared, confused and were looking for some guidance. It’s an intimidating place if you are not familiar! Maybe you will read this and not feel as discouraged and know that there are others out there feeling the way you do. I’m sure you were afraid to ask anyone for help, but just know, there are people out there willing to help and guide you.

I know firsthand how scary it is to walk into the gym for the very first time, especially the weight room. The weight room is full of guys, just waiting for a girl to walk in to give them something to look at. Sweating, grunting guys that know the weight room like the back of their hand. Not the most inviting place, right? The day I decided to start lifting I wandered around like a lost puppy, not knowing what to do next. Trying to remember the exercises that I saw in the magazines or from the workout dvds I would do in my room. The nerves started to get to me, as every guy would look over to see what I was doing. Ok, so the staring never goes away, but the more you step foot in the gym, the more confidence you will have I promise! So after a week or so, I was getting the hang of this whole weight room thing. No more cardio bunny for me! I wrote down my workouts in my phone, so I was prepared. Kept track of the weights I was using so I could progress each time. Let me tell you, I am so thankful that I kept at it and didn’t let the weight room scare me away. Lifting has changed my life and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. Sounds so cheesy I know, but I have truly learned so much about myself and what my mind and body are truly capable of. Oh and ps- lifting WILL NOT make you “bulky”. (More about that another time.)

Anyways, it will get easier, trust me! As time goes on, you will start to watch others do different exercises and learn from people that are working out beside you. You will become familiar with where each piece of equipment is and no longer wander around looking for it. The learning cycle never ends, because I still love finding new workouts to do from bodybuilding.com, different blogs and social media etc. But please please please don’t give up after just a few sessions. The gym is foreign territory now, but won’t be for long. Pretty soon you will walk in there like you own the place. Your body will transform if you work your butt off. You will soon have more confidence and you never know, you may be that confident girl that can wear tight spandex shorts or a sports bra and not feel self conscious. It is the best feeling in the world once you get there. One of the many reasons why I work out is to feel my best and most confident self. For you and everyone that is scared to walk into the weight room, I dare you to do it. Step outside of your comfort zone and own it. You won’t regret facing your fears and stepping into a whole new world that may change your life as it did mine.

Lots of love, Jenna



7 thoughts on “A Note of Encouragement

  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m a newish gym goer- decided to join after I finished training for my first half marathon and it was quite intimidating at first! Still not quite as comfortable with it as I am with stuff involving running, but getting there. Great post 🙂

  2. LOVE THIS. More girls need to lift and be confident while doing it! It’s scary at first, but so empowering once you get more comfortable with being amongst the typical gym crowd. :o)

  3. Hi Jenna,

    Nice motivation there. It’s so easy to get scared of weights. I NEVER lifted weights until I started going to BODYPUMP class. Now, four years later, I’m an instructor and do more resistance training than I do cardio. I’m in full support of women who lift.

    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

  4. That is so funny I was just in the weight room today and some guys were asking me what workout I was following like I have to do some particular type and couldn’t come up with it on my own! I mean I wish there was a girl weight room sometimes so we didn’t have to be stared at haha but I guess I should take it as a compliment they thought it looked killer haha

  5. Intimidating and uncomfortable to the point of being malicious stares from a bunch of strange guys at the gym really freaks me out that’s why I can never gather up the courage to join even though I wanted to. My running mate who is a guy shares the same concerns only on the egotistical intimidation level on his part. The best way for me is to find a gym buddy to help me in adjusting and adopting to the environment.

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