Ab & Push Up Challenge

How’s everyone doing with your resolutions  goals?  First, I wanted to congratulate you for taking the first step, Its HUGE! But the real work lies ahead. Have you ever made a new years resolution that only lasts about a month or so and doesn’t make it through the year? It’s not uncommon. But I want to help it stick this time around! I put together this ab and push-up challenge to give you a little boost. A challenge can really push you to stay committed. BUT, after this challenge is over I don’t want you to burn out. I want you to KEEP GOING! This will only make you stronger.

Ab Push up challenge

KEY: side plank = seconds on each side / russian tws = russian twist

I will be doing this challenge along with you, so here are some guidelines:

    • Do this day to day, in addition to your regular workout routine.
    • If you aren’t sure what each exercise looks like, be sure to look them up on bodybuilding.com. It’s important to have correct form.
    • Do as many reps as possible of each exercise without stopping. Hold yourself accountable. Push yourself!
    • I know many women find it difficult to do push ups on their toes (me a year ago), which is why I chose a push- up challenge! If you need to start from your knees, please do, but work your way up to your toes. You will get stronger each day, so it should get easier!
    • Take a before and after picture to track your results. Even if you’re the only person to see them, photos are the best way to see how far you’ve come.
    • Take a screen shot of the challenge on your phone to have handy and ready to go. Set reminders on your phone, or even write yourself little notes around the house to remind you and hold yourself accountable.
    • And for the most important tip: If you want to see ab results, you MUST eat clean. You can do a million abdominal exercises but if you don’t eat clean, you will never see your hard work. Abs are made in the kitchen, but these exercises will help you get there!

So are you in?! Have fun and good luck! xo

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