Finding Balance This December


Happy December loves! My favorite month of all….who doesn’t love the holiday season?! I wanted to share a quick post from my IG and Facebook page with you guys:

12-1-2013 5-57-49 PM

12-1-2013 5-58-38 PM

December is the HARDEST month of all to stay on track! It’s so easy to let your health and fitness go by the wayside during the holidays. Tis the season to feel like we need to gorge ourselves for being “good” during the summer months. Trying my hardest not to feel guilty during this time, but I’ve decided that it’s best to enjoy the season full of holiday food and drink. All in MODERATION. The challenge this month is finding that healthy balance. No starving, no binging, but eating right most of the time and exercising. Exercise makes you feel good, AND improves your physique. Score! The holidays are no excuse to give up on workouts and meal plans. So whose with me to work hard and stay committed?!

What’s your goal during the month of December? I will be on a mission to finding that healthy balance while not missing out on any holiday fun. 🙂
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2 thoughts on “Finding Balance This December

  1. My goal is to try to include more protein in my diet, and I tend to eat just a little bit of stuff I know I shouldn’t, my goal is to cut that out! I would rather have one bad meal then keep eating tiny snacks all week long!

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