Holiday Season Thoughts


The holidays are right around the corner! Scary thought to think that the new year is almost here. This year seemed to fly by for me. Anyways, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years, what are your thoughts about temptation this time of year? And by temptation I mean, all the sweets, and food galore that the season brings. Well guess what, it doesn’t mean the hard work you’ve put in all year has  to go to waste…but beware, it can!

After thinking long and hard about this, I think that now is the time to work harder than ever before! Personally, when the food is in front of me, its hard to resist. Out of sight out of mind, is what I do day to day at home and work. BUT, not so much the case during the holidays. By working hard in the gym and keeping my nutrition on point, I’ll allow myself a little splurge at a family gathering or holiday party. My friend posted on Instagram which I loved: “I prefer my winter coat to be part of my wardrobe, not my body.” (Thanks Chels!)

When you are working hard and putting in all the effort in the world to look and feel your best, the chances to ruin your progress are slim. Also, remember when you eat like crap you feel like crap? Yep, perfect example this weekend after indulging in more ice cream then I deserved- I felt like crap the rest of the day! My point? By putting in 110% into this lifestyle, having a few cocktails, a traditional Thanksgiving meal and piece of pie isn’t going to be a big deal.

So it’s up to you to decide…you can say screw it the next few months, but those splurges will only dig you a little deeper and all that work and results you started to see will be a big waste of time. Let’s not let the traditional New Years resolution “to work out starting January 1st” be your time to commit. Why not work out all year round?! You will be far ahead of the game!

Don’t feel bad about a treat here or there, don’t over-think it, just keep up the great work and you will be able to enjoy the holidays even more!

How will you be going about your fitness lifestyle this holiday season? Please do share! xo
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One thought on “Holiday Season Thoughts

  1. Well put and motivational. Thank you. One thing we have explored and achieved results is keeping a log of ones diet and exercise during the holidays on your calendar. We look at diet as a weekly and monthly thing. For instance, if one does over indulge on food on a holiday weekend the calendar should be screaming at you to increase ur cardio for that week and get stricter on diet. We are only human but can control our overall fitness level long term thru lifestyle and still enjoy the holidays.

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