#12wbt…Making Progress!

I am 2 weeks deep into the Michelle Bridges #12wbt program! Pretty dang happy with myself that I made it this far! This program has taken 120% commitment and has lead me to do nothing other than focus on my goals. Work/#12wbt/life balance has definitely been an ongoing issue the past two weeks and to be honest, I’m still learning how to handle it all. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that planning is key when squeezing in a workout, meal prep, boyfriend and family time. Let’s just say, I have been a busy little bee!

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This being my first time sticking to an actual “plan” and going by what someone else has provided me, I have learned too much not to share!

1.) You must want it enough! This is a lifestyle change. I am constantly focusing on my meals and after work plans to either work out and/or grocery shop, then meal prep. Then do it all over again. My head is spinning but it gets easier with time. If you don’t want it enough, the work simply won’t be worth it to you. You gotta want to work your butt off to see results!

2.) I have never cooked so much in my life and I’m starting to really enjoy it! I love all of the recipes this plan consists of, and there are so many to choose from! Eating something other than the staple chicken, veggies and complex carbs is nice too. 🙂

3.) After my first grocery shopping trip for the program on Sunday, my reaction: holy sh*t I just spent how much money…!?! However, that was because I chose a different recipe for every single meal that week. Learned my lesson! Sticking to the same breakfast or lunch (which I don’t mind) totally cuts down the grand total by a lot! Now, I am eating more efficiently and spending much less money. Also, without eating out as much, I have saved a lot of money here also. This is one thing that I wish this program would mention- grocery shopping on a budget.

4.) Don’t be afraid of carbs. I was shocked to see how many whole wheats are incorporated in each recipe. I actually had to ask one of the nutritionists to make sure I wasn’t consuming too much. I have cut down a few more than what the plan calls for, but no longer afraid to eat whole wheat tortillas, pita bread or whole grains. You need these grains to give you energy and stamina to make it through the rigorous workouts. Overall, I love the variety that this plan offers and how it has opened up my eyes to new meal assortments and portion sizes.

5.) There is not a lot of cardio in this plan, but you don’t need it!! Can you believe it, very little cardio? I know, I questioned at first myself, but truth is, cardio is not an important factor is losing weight or training to gain muscle. Lifting is key! Especially when incorporating so many supersets, pyramid sets and circuits, your heart rate is up even more than it would on the treadmill or elliptical. LOVE this because cardio inside a gym is b.o.r.i.n.g. for me.

All in all, I am making progress! I feel stronger, leaner, and most of all more confident. With time, I am hoping to focus more on balance, because there’s no way I want to give up this lifestyle! Fingers crossed I can show you guys the before an after picture I have envisioned for myself. 🙂


Do you guys have trouble with work/life/fitness life balance? If so, what’s your trick?

Disclaimer: I am getting financially compensated for this campaign, however all opinions are my own.

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8 thoughts on “#12wbt…Making Progress!

  1. Loving this, I’m trying to do exactly the same, and its definitely a challenge to get that work/ life balance. Think my biggest help is doing week food preps, because obviously it saves about hour each day. Love what your doing, keep it up 😉

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