Michelle Bridges Body Transformation Challenge

I have some more exciting news! I feel like that’s all I’m writing about these days, but hey that’s not a bad thing! For those of you who follow my Facebook or Instagram are already filled in… but I am so excited to share that I am deep into day 2 of a 4 week preview of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation  (we will call it “12wbt“). By being a part of a fabulous group called Girls Gone Sporty I was chosen to preview this program before Michelle opens it up to US peeps. Seriously debating at first, as I knew it would be a HUGE commitment to sacrifice the food I love and my regular workout routine. But I am SO glad that I decided to take the plunge!


Michelle is the workout queen of Australia who hosts the Biggest Loser over there as Jillian’s counterpart here in the US. This plan is AWESOME in every way. And trust me, I am not paid to say that! Each meal, snack, drink is planned for my specific needs and each workout (6 days a week) is tailored to suit my goals and fitness ability. I have only gone through 2 workouts so far, and let me tell you…I have never been through a tougher session in my life! And loved every minute of it. That feeling of going to bed with a sense of accomplishment and waking up ready to do it again, is what it’s all about for me.
Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.17.51 AM
Some of the “pre-season” tasks included:
  • Setting goals- doing my personal best, dedicating and committing 100%, seeing my best personal results
  • Gearing up- mentally and physically
  • Getting rid of all the junk in the kitchen- out of site out of mind!
  • Organizing the plans- I have a folder of all the information I need as well as meals posted on my fridge
  • Measuring  and taking a pre season fitness test- testing will be taken throughout the 4 weeks
Check, check and check!! Now onto the workouts, delicious meals (there are so many to choose from) and weekly challenges to get motivated.
This my friends, is going to be it for me. This is what is going to get me 150% dedicated and I cant wait to see the results! There is no way that I will get off track these next 4 weeks. No matter what fitness level, age, or weight, this plan gives you all the tools to succeed. Not to mention, Michelle is a superstar with the best attitude! Stay tuned for much more to come. Can’t wait to share my journey with you guys and keep you posted as to how things are going!
Have you every used an online personal trainer? If so, please do share in the comments!
Keep up with Michelle Bridges: Website / Facebook / Twitter
Disclaimer: I am being compensated for this campaign, however all opinions are my own.

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