Meet Lisa Corsello of Burn / Top 5 Reasons to Circuit Train

Hey everyone! I was recently invited to attend a Burn pilates class here in San Francisco, and LOVED it! It’s not your ordinary pilates class, but super high intensity circuit training involving both strength training, cardio and much more. This class kicked my butt (in a good way) and I cant wait to go back! So excited to introduce you all to Lisa who is the owner AND founder of Burn. This woman does it all and is such an inspiration to me. She will also give us the top 5 reasons why circuit training is so important to include in your workout regime. Here she is:

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Top 5 Reasons to Circuit Train

By Lisa Corsello, owner and found of Burn

Circuit training, put very simply, is all about doing a variety of exercises with a relatively short amount of time in between each set.  Circuits can be done just about anywhere, with just about any combo of exercises.  Not sold yet? Read on for the Top 5 Reasons To Circuit Train.  I guarantee once you try it you’ll agree. . . . .

1.  Efficiency:  If you’re looking to get the most out of your workout time, circuit training is the best example of quality over quantity.  Moving from one circuit to another keeps the heart rate up and helps increase endurance due to the lack of rest time and the different challenges presented by each exercise.

2.  Work Harder: Because each exercise in a circuit is performed for a relatively short amount of time, it’s harder to get bored.  Think about it- if you know you’ll be on a spin bike for an hour, how likely are you to challenge yourself the entire time?  If you know you’ll be on the spin bike for 3 minutes and then onto something totally different, you are more likely to push harder on the bike.

3.  Reduce chance of injury:  Because circuits are designed to incorporate many different exercise techniques, the body becomes not only stronger, but better able to take on stress.  By training the entire body in many different ways, circuits help create a better overall fitness foundation and level of body awareness that can help reduce injuries in and out of the gym.

4.  Burn more calories:  Circuits work the entire body, which results in more calorie burn during and after the workout.  The after– burn differs, depending on the person, but studies show that the resting metabolic rate remains elevated after a workout and long-term as more lean body mass is achieved. In other words, you keep burning calories, even after your workout.

5.  Break through plateaus:  Plateaus can be caused by the body’s adaptation to a workout.  What was once challenging gets easier over time, if done consistently. Circuit training, therefore, helps keep plateaus at bay by offering a variety of different movements to keep the body focused and working.

Google top circuit workouts and follow the high-intensity exercises,without pausing, three times through, at least three days a week, and you’ll be showing off a sleeker body by the end of the month.

If you are in the Bay Area and prefer group circuit exercise, come to one of my classes at Burn in San Francisco and torch a few calories. See schedule at

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About Lisa Corsello
Lisa is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, nutrition consultant and group fitness instructor who works with clients to create customized, goal-oriented exercise and nutrition plans. Using her extensive training and fitness background, Lisa has developed a popular new fitness technique called
Burn. The 55-minute workout brings the benefits of dynamic individualized workouts to groups using a method that draws upon the best of Pilates, strength and core training for optimal results. Her programs emphasize constant movement using circuits to challenge and improve endurance, agility, balance and strength, with appropriate focus on stressing proper form and method. Each workout incorporates dynamic strength and cardiovascular training with active recovery techniques targeting all major muscle groups. Sessions are intended to be learning experiences that constantly evolve, keeping each one challenging and fresh.

She has successfully adapted and applied her methods to clients with a wide range of abilities and capabilities; absolute beginners needing basic knowledge, enthusiasts who want to increase lean body mass and reduce body fat, people recovering from sports injuries or serious illness, and professional athletes in training. Lisa, a Lululemon Athletica Ambassador, has been a featured fitness expert on WebMDas well as inMy Family Doctor Magazine, LowCarb Magazine, Current Health Magazine, and Cornell University’s Food & Fitness Advisor newsletter. In fact, Lisa is a regularly featured fitness expert on the KPIX Weekend Morning Show. Lisa is currently a contributing fitness expert on


Thanks again for having us and teaching us your ways Lisa!!


Connect with Burn: Website / Facebook / Twitter / You Tube

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