October Goal List


I don’t know about you guys, but I love fall! Over-sized sweaters, boots, hats…well sort of. In San Francisco it’s now our summer? Anyways, I do love all things that come with fall! But since summer is over lets not get lazy and stop working out! With the holidays near, lets focus on balance. With home cooked meals and family get-togethers around the corner lets not feel guilty for enjoying them, but focus more on balance. Balance with nutrition, workouts and family time. Since yesterday was our first day of October I put together a list of goals this month.

  1. Find a boxing gym and learn how to box!
  2. Focus on portion control and measure portion sizes
  3. Nike Women’s Half Marathon and Run10Feed10 Event
  4. Find a new clean pumpkin recipe to master
  5. Spend time studying to get NCCPT certified- Need to buckle down and hit the books
  6. Inspire at least one person on their fitness journey
  7. Spend more time blogging, writing, and creative thinking
  8. Compile a list of scary movies to re-watch
  9. Rent a cabin with friends for a long weekend
  10. Sweat daily!!

I would love to hear- what’s on your October goal list?
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11 thoughts on “October Goal List

  1. Great list and congrats on the Vintage run! I have had to stop Crossfit due to an injury so my goal is to find ways to stay fit so those inches and pounds don’t creep back! Reading your tips are so helpful!

  2. So many great goals! I didn’t make a list but I have certainly thought about a few. Like finishing my half-marathon in 2 hours (ish) 🙂
    I used to box 2-3 times a week when I was living in Boston. I was obsessed but have not found a good gym here (Toronto) now. I hope you find a gym you like and enjoy the workout!

  3. Love it!! Wearing the oversize sweater but staying fit underneath. I must take care of my dental health and allergy situation so Fall is the time for that. I am also looking at tweaking my food intake to control insulin levels and to finalize two photoshoots at the end of October!!
    Love reading your posts!! Stay healthy, J!!!

  4. Good luck on the Nike marathon! That sounds like so much fun! I hope to do the San Fran half or full next July. Plus, it would be a great way to tour the city as well!

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