How To Speed Up Your Metabolism / Paris Marathon!!

If you’ve been following the Facebook page, you’ve probably already heard my big news…but I am more than excited to tell you guys that I will be running the 2014 Paris Marathon in April!! This has been on my bucket list ever since I can remember and I am so excited to visit Paris for the first time, AND run my 2nd full marathon!! Have any of you been to Paris? If so, your recommendations for restaurants, shopping or any place to visit would be much appreciated! Can’t wait!!


marathon-paris(photo sources: unknown)



“How do you eat so much and manage to stay fit?” “How is your metabolism off the charts?!” Aside from a hearty workout regime,  building your metabolism takes time, but in turn allows you to constantly eat and burn fat while at rest.  Sure, a teeny percent has to do with age and genetics, but it is in your control to increase metabolism and shed the extra weight that you’ve been dying to get rid of! Here’s how to speed up your metabolism:

  1. Build muscle. Get in the weight room and lift those weights ladies and gents! The more muscle you gain, the faster your resting metabolic rate. Burn calories while sitting? Umm, count me in!
  2. Eat every 3 hours. If you eat more often, the faster your metabolism. Strange, but true. Make breakfast your most important meal and add protein! If you want a faster metabolism think protein. Here’s why. Your body burns twice as many calories digesting proteins than it does carbs. Think eggs or greek yogurt for breakfast and chicken or fish for lunch or dinner.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  (and no not with alcohol). Dehydration leads to a slow metabolism! Studies have shown that cold water does the trick. Cold drinks force your body to work to warm up, which builds more energy.
  4. Use spices. Think cayenne, chillis, red pepper. Anything that makes you sweat means your metabolism has increased.
  5. Green tea, full of antioxidants and contains a plant compound called ECGC which promotes fat burning.
  6. Coffee. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and increases heart rate. Gotta love your cup o’ joe.

It’s important to remember that you can grab control of your future! Stop the I can’t and go with I can do this! Even when it comes to your metabolism, take control of it. Try these tips and don’t use your age, weight or genetics as an excuse. Speed up that metabolism, get moving and get healthy. MUAH!
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