Tips To Getting Your AM Workout On

I am loving my new routine lately, so much I had to share it with you guys! Since I started a new job I have been waking up early and working out before work. I have been trying to do this for years, but now I am able to get to work just a tad later. Lazy? Nope, not me…but I will admit I am not a morning person! Working out in the am has its benefits! I am full of energy throughout the day and have gained a small amount of my social life back. I LOVE getting it done allowing me to either make it a double day later, or have the free time after work. I have been doing cardio in the am and weights in the pm. It’s all about PRIORITIES and finding the time to squeeze in a good workout. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from this lifestyle is that if you make it a priority, you will find the time to commit. I was shocked at how many people were at the gym at 6am. Go you!

So my dare to you: wake up 1 hour earlier and either go to the gym, go for a run or do some yoga or weight training in your home! Then tell me how you feel. 🙂

Here are some tips to getting your morning workout on:

  1. Sleep in your gym clothes. I know, seems weird but saves time from having to change or pick out an outfit in the morning (which for some reason takes a while for me)
  2. Prep your protein shakes/water/heart rate monitors all together so you can grab and go in the am
  3. Set your coffee timer (if you prefer coffee to get you going)
  4. Think about what you will train in the am whether it be a specific  body part, cardio, yoga, spin? More thinking at night and less in the morning seems to work best for me.
  5. Set your alarm
  6. Go to bed early! Get as many zzz’s as possible.

…And before you know it you’re on the road to success!!

This may seem a little uber organized, but this is what has worked for me so worth a try. 🙂

Question: Do you prefer am or pm workouts?


Have a great week! xo

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6 thoughts on “Tips To Getting Your AM Workout On

  1. I neeeeeed to start doing this! Morning workouts are so much better bc then my nights will be free! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    <3, Charlotte

  2. Did it take you a little while to get use to doing AM workouts? Also, did you get in a sleeeping routine and then start the AM workouts, or maybe what I am asking is were you caught up on your sleep before you started doing AM workouts?

    • Yes, it was hard to get used to! Luckily with a new job, I am able to have flexible work hours which allows me to get in a little later. I am always tired, but theres always time to sleep on the weekends 🙂

      • I am a morning person, but if I don’t get plenty of sleep, I am not fun to be around. AM workouts are something I would like to give a try, but I would need to get caught up on my sleep first. That is great you have a job that allows you to come in later, and I appreciate your time!

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