What I Ate Wednesday / Grocery Shopping Tip

I am linking up for another What I ate Wednesday! Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas of what I eat, as I am constantly looking for new meal recipes! Head over to Peas and Crayons for more clean eating ideas! She makes master pieces over there, where as my cooking skills are slowly but surely progressing. These pics are lacking veggies which I ate but are not pictured, so here is the gist of my meals:


Breakfast: post workout protein shake with my fave yogurt. Fage Total 0% greek yogurt is my go-to. I buy at least 5/week, love!


Lunch: I bought this chicken pre-packaged at Trader Joes. These are SO good! This one is a lemon flavor, but they have plenty others also. I usually shop on Sundays or Mondays and prepare my meals for the week. My lunch will look very similar to this all week.


A little peak into my desk drawer at work…full of Quest Bars! The perfect afternoon snack. This is my fave flavor also! YUM!


Dinner: Egg whites, extra lean chicken sausage and tomatoes for me, cheese for my boyfriend. We almost always eat the same dinner, just different variations. (It’s not the prettiest pic but this is reality) 🙂


Dark chocolate after dinner is my guilty pleasure…alright secrets out. I just discovered this new store here in SF called New Tree. Its more of a coffee shop but they make these delicious chocolates!


Have you guys seen the show Extreme Weightloss? I am obsessed! It is so educational and the stories very inspiring. One take-away from the show: shop the outside of the aisles in the grocery store. Everything you need is on the outer parts of the store. No need to go within the aisles. This is SO true and one of the best grocery shopping tips. Also, the junk is right in front of you, you must search for the healthy items. This reality is unfortunate, but go with a list and search for the items you need instead of spur of the moment shopping which often leads to buying more unhealthy items.

Head to Rocco Dispirito’s website and check out his healthy cookbooks. I am so anxious to try his recipes. Let me know what you think!

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Dream BIG and start NOW!

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I know I talk about sets, super-sets, to failure and all these terms I’m sure you haven’t heard of, right? Thing is, I just learned what they are myself, so I hope you’re not reading this feeling discouraged because you don’t know what a tricep extension super-set with a bench tricep kickback is. Everyone starts as a beginner, including myself about a year or so ago. Heck, I still don’t know a lot of different terms or the perfect way to do this or that. Its been a long process for me and I wish that I had more time to study and get certified. The more you read, research and practice the more it will make sense, I promise!

I remember the first time I stepped foot in the weight room, I was terrified! Had no idea what to do, didn’t want to look like a total nerd for bringing in a notebook full of exercises and hated the fact that every boy stares at the girl in the weight room. As time went on, you kind of get used to it. Gain confidence in your workouts, get ideas from watching other people do exercises and get comfortable with it. I assure you, if you are feeling like I did in the beginning, it gets better! Keep at it, get in there and lift with the boys! You will be kicking major a$$ in no time! 🙂

Since we’re talking about different levels of fitness, another thing I mention a lot is 100% clean eating and exercising 6 days a week. I know this is not a normal routine for the average person, so make if fit into your lifestyle. For those starting out, try exercising 3-4 days a week and see how you feel. Take baby steps. No need to start off full force. If you are on the quest to eating healthier, try eating 2-3 sweets a week or cutting back your favorite junk food. If that seems like a lot, try to limit to once a day. Work your way towards the 100% clean eating. Make that your goal. I have slowly progressed to the stage I am at now and would have never imagined I would be running the full marathon (literally). Your metabolism will speed up with time and nutrition will become a cinch the more you practice. My biggest advice is to research. Use google, use the internet, there are tons of millions of articles out there about fitness and nutrition. Even magazines have helped me learn a new exercise or what or what not to eat when. No matter what fitness level you’re at, do your research! (bodybuilding.com has been my go-to resource)

Bottom line, all fitness levels welcome here!! We all start somewhere. Don’t get discouraged by your level of commitment or knowledge. Every expert was once a beginner! Make fitness FIT into your lifestyle.  Set small goals and work towards the larger ones. Start NOW, so you can look back and see how far you’ve come.  🙂

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Tips To Getting Your AM Workout On

I am loving my new routine lately, so much I had to share it with you guys! Since I started a new job I have been waking up early and working out before work. I have been trying to do this for years, but now I am able to get to work just a tad later. Lazy? Nope, not me…but I will admit I am not a morning person! Working out in the am has its benefits! I am full of energy throughout the day and have gained a small amount of my social life back. I LOVE getting it done allowing me to either make it a double day later, or have the free time after work. I have been doing cardio in the am and weights in the pm. It’s all about PRIORITIES and finding the time to squeeze in a good workout. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from this lifestyle is that if you make it a priority, you will find the time to commit. I was shocked at how many people were at the gym at 6am. Go you!

So my dare to you: wake up 1 hour earlier and either go to the gym, go for a run or do some yoga or weight training in your home! Then tell me how you feel. 🙂

Here are some tips to getting your morning workout on:

  1. Sleep in your gym clothes. I know, seems weird but saves time from having to change or pick out an outfit in the morning (which for some reason takes a while for me)
  2. Prep your protein shakes/water/heart rate monitors all together so you can grab and go in the am
  3. Set your coffee timer (if you prefer coffee to get you going)
  4. Think about what you will train in the am whether it be a specific  body part, cardio, yoga, spin? More thinking at night and less in the morning seems to work best for me.
  5. Set your alarm
  6. Go to bed early! Get as many zzz’s as possible.

…And before you know it you’re on the road to success!!

This may seem a little uber organized, but this is what has worked for me so worth a try. 🙂

Question: Do you prefer am or pm workouts?


Have a great week! xo

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As promised, here we go ladies and gents. I know, a few days late, but better late then never. So letsssss do this!

4b2fe010169540625b7826020136e10a(Image found via Pinterest)

I was a little concerned about posting an ab challenge but decided to anyways. Here’s why: Abs DO NOT come from hundreds and hundreds of crunches. Abs come from EATING CLEAN. If you do this challenge and see no results, you may need to rethink what you’re eating. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from consuming myself in fitness it’s that nutrition is #1, workouts come second. I have tons of articles on this so feel free to browse and learn more about clean eating on the blog under the Eat Clean tab. A lot of fitness athletes and bodybuilders don’t even focus on abs as often as you think because they are getting their core work in with every other exercise. BUT with that said it IS important to strengthen your core so when all the clean eating pays off your abs will shine through like diamonds! And, there’s no harm (only gains) with this workout, so why not! Just remember to cut the junk food so this workout is worth the hard work!!

Hope you guys join me and most of all have fun with it!

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