FITzee Meals Arrived / Chest & Tris Workout

Woohooo it was a good week! My workouts have been on point and my FITzee meals came in the mail! (THANK YOU SO MUCH FITzee!) I’m seriously obsessed with FITzee foods. If you don’t have time to meal prep, you just throw one of their meals on the stove and bam there it is, a healthy and delicious meal. FITzee is gluten-free, non-processed food with extra attention given to fitness peeps and their nutritional needs. Tons of protein, veggies, and complex carbs. NO JUNK! They are so engaged with the fitness community and even host yoga classes near their store in San Diego.


Here’s what my box consisted of this time:

  • Black bean breakfast bowl (LOVE)
  • Breakfast pita pizza (can’t wait to try)
  • Paleo Thai Coconut Curry Chicken (delish)
  • Red Mole Chicken (yum)
  • Paleo BBQ Salmon with steamed brocoli and carrots (can’t wait to try)
  • Red Chicken Enchiladas (one of my faves)
  • Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Bake (another fave)
  • Shredded Chicken mac n’ cheese (can’t wait to try)
  • (and I’m missing a bunch because they have already been eaten!)

If you order anything from make sure to tell them Jenna sent you!! 🙂

Now for my chest and triceps workout:


Remember to lift heavy! I am using 15lbs in the pic, but the weight depends on your strength. Some days I do more, some less. You can also use more weight, less reps on the last set to give you an extra pump. But don’t compare, set your own goals!

Enjoy your week!

 photo JennaSig_zpse9c98adc.png


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