What’s Up & Coming with Fitness&theCity!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend! I have a ton of exciting stuff coming up which I am DYING to share with you! But…still working out the kinks so I will update soon as to new companies and events I will be associated with!

In the mean time…check out:

FITzeefoods.com – An AMAZING company that ships HEALTHY meals to your door! I was weary about the idea of pre-packaged food at first, but after I tried the food and read more about the company, this place is in the know and I am obsessed! Their mission to provide healthy food to on-the-go people had me, then I tried the food and was in heaven. Tastes like nothing I have tried before. More to come about FITzee. 🙂



Live Ultimate RUN San Francisco – looking for a 5k or quarter marathon in San Francisco? Join me June 30th!!


I totally went out on a limb this weekend. My friend invited me to join her running group, Run 365, for a 12 mile run! Yes, 12 miles. Holy cow I have not run that far in a long time! I was super nervous and honestly didn’t think I would make it. (Thank you for all the encouragement on the Facebook page!!) But…we made it! Finished at a 9:30 pace, which was one pace group ahead of ours. I couldn’t believe it, especially since I havent been running at all and spend all my time lifting. I guess lifting pays off! So what has this taught me? That my friend can successfully convince me to run a full marathon. Perhaps this year. And the saying mind over matter holds true! Running with a friend completely changes the way your mind works. We chatted the whole run and the time flew by! From this day forward, I will continue to run with a partner and not hold back or be intimidated by a huge task. Anything is possible and who knows, maybe there will be a full marathon in my future? 🙂

Check out Run 365 for a training team in the Bay Area, encouragement and a fun group to run with!

After my new-found, or should I say, again-found, interest in running, I entered the drawing to run the Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco! Fingers crossed I get picked to run for my 3rd year in a row! Nike puts on an amazing event, and I sure hope I don’t miss it! But…I couldn’t commit to the full just quite yet…I think I need more time to sink in the fact that I would be running 26 miles! To enter into the random drawing follow this link.


Have you rekindled a long-lost passion lately? If so tell us about it! 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

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7 thoughts on “What’s Up & Coming with Fitness&theCity!

  1. I love your Run 365 story! When it comes to running [and most things in life], it really is mind over matter! Congrats. You’re an inspiration. 🙂 xx

  2. I started running again, initially to lose the baby weight (my daughter is 8 mos.) but now I do it to stay active and feel good!!! Those natural endorphins are powerful!!

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