Fell of the wagon? So get back on track!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! We had a fab time playing tourist in Napa and Sonoma this weekend. I’m from Sonoma, but we love getting out of the city on the weekends to visit. My main goal was to relax by the pool… success! We also did a little wine tasting…which led to us signing up for 2 more wine club memberships. (We couldn’t help ourselves). Did I eat clean? NO. Did I workout? Not really. Did I drink a lot of wine. YES. Was it worth it to take a break? Abso-freakin-lutely.

image (16)

Going into the wine cave with my enormous water in hand…hehe

image (13)

View from our room at the Meritage Resort & Spa. This place was AMAZING! Beautiful rooms, pool and wine caves! This place was a hidden gem, highly recommended!

image (14)

Heaven=laying by the pool

photo (12)

Blurry iPhone shot of my main squeeze.  We ate din at Morimoto…THE best food ever. And no, I didn’t hold back. 😉

I know, I strayed away from my goals this weekend. I ate a lot of food I wouldn’t normally go for, I drank more wine than I should have, I didn’t really work out, I slept very little. And now guess what, I feel gross. I fell of the wagon and feel bloated, puffy, and gross. My point? Get back up and back on track stronger than before. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I am not letting myself feel bad about it. Instead, I am getting back on track today. Working out, drinking gallons of water and getting a good nights sleep. Keep going and leave your failures behind! I also think that taking a break from your normal routine is necessary. Sometimes you get so caught up in the same routine that it starts to feel so monotonous and unimportant. After taking a couple days off, I am ready to go at it 120%. I am feeling refreshed, energized and ready to killl my training today! Inching closer and closer to my goal physique…without letting little hiccups in the road get in the way. 🙂

“The only thing that stands between you and what you want in life is the will to try and the faith to believe that it’s possible.” -unknown

photo (11)

Look what was waiting at my door when I got home!! It must have been a sign. 🙂


Do you find it hard to get back on track after a long weekend? Leave me a comment!


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6 thoughts on “Fell of the wagon? So get back on track!

  1. After a long weekend, it can be hard to get back on track. However, if I am going on a trip I still try to eat relatively well if possible. But no ones perfect!

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  3. I definitely have a tendency to fall off the wagon on long weekends! In fact I am going to San Francisco next weekend so it may happen then :). I am running the San Franciso half marathon on Sunday though so that should help make up for all the great food I’m going to eat! :).

    Just came across your blog – like it a lot! Look forward to following…

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