Juice Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle!

Juicing… I’m pretty excited about it at the moment! My mom sparked my interest, as she has been on this 30 day juice cleanse. She has been making smoothies as a lunch meal replacement and has seen amazing results! Weight loss, increased energy levels and my Dad’s blood pressure has never been so low since he started juicing! Keep in mind, that you need to make sure you are getting the correct nutrients and fiber, but juicing just one meal a day has been the leading factor of our family’s healthier lifestyle. In fact, we bought my Mom this gem for Mother’s day.  Juicing with an actual juicer as opposed to a normal blender makes ALL the difference. The smoothies are fresh and full of nutrients! We spent most of Mother’s day experimenting with different smoothie recipes…delish!

To read more about the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge via healthishappiness.com, click here.

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So, why juice?

  • Juicing is an easy and delicious way to add more fruits and veggies to your diet.
  • Prevent diet related diseases and premature aging by increasing your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables and decreasing your intake of meats and dairy.
  • Studies show cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease may be prevented or lessened if certain components found in a plant-based diet are added to your daily diet.
  • Fresh juices provide the proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients vital to good health.
  • The advantages of adding fruits and veggies to your daily diet include: a. increased energy; b. strengthened immune system; c. reduced risk of disease; d. stronger bones; e. glowing complexion.
  • Without juicing, it is nearly impossible to consume the amount of nutrition needed to naturally reduce the risk of cancer, disease and stroke. For instance 16 ounces of carrot juice provides the carotene equivalent to approximately three pounds of carrots.
  • A mid-morning or mid-day juice is a great natural source for an energy boost.
  • Stave off binge eating or overeating by drinking juice between and prior to mealtimes.
  • Once you start experiencing the benefits of juicing, it becomes easy to incorporate a variety of juices into your daily diet.
  • Fresh Juices v/s Whole Fruits and Veggies:
    Did you know pressed juices as opposed to masticated juices retain the naturally occurring fibers found in whole fruits and vegetables? Fiber refers to the indigestible materials found in plants. While this is very important for proper bowel function, it is the juice that nourishes us. Our body converts the food we eat into juice so it can be absorbed. Juicing allows for quick absorption of concentrated plant-based nutrients. The result is increased energy levels.
  • Fresh Juice v/s Canned, Bottled or Frozen:
    Fresh juice is far superior to its processed and pasteurized counterpart. Fresh juice contains living enzymes that have not been killed during the pasteurization process, and provide a natural source of Vitamins A, C and E for boosting the immune system. Fresh juice promotes cardiovascular health and is proven to increase energy by the nearly instant assimilation of nutrients into the bloodstream. Fresh fruits and vegetables in raw juice are full of anti-oxidants which help cleanse the body, hence improving the body’s overall function.

(Source: www.viva-raw.com)

Since we’re on the subject…many friends have been ranting and raving about Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse. Have you heard of it, tried it or have any thoughts? It seems to require a lot of food, so I think I may give it a try and track my results!


Here is a fun guide to smoothies via supperskinnyme.com:


I’m obviously pro-juicing but I am sure there are some people out there that are opposed…especially if you are juicing every single meal.  So keep in mind these are my thoughts and personal findings, I am not a nutritionist. Bottom line, do your research! 🙂

Here are some interesting articles I’ve found in relation:

If you have any more information to share, please do so & happy juicing! 🙂

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