30 Miles in 30 Days/Workout Progress

I feel like I’m making progress! It’s seriously the best thing ever to actually SEE the results that you work so hard for. Once you see your body changing it only pushes you harder. It’s the best feeling! So if you feel like your not seeing results, KEEP GOING!!! You will get there, patience is a virtue! (which I am working on ;))

I’m excited to be linking up with Ms. Sarah and Nikki again for this awesome challenge!

I’m going to start by saying that so far in May I have been slacking on my running and focusing more on lifting. I have a petite frame naturally so my mindset at the moment is focused on building more muscle opposed to cardio.

Here’s what my week has looked like so far:

Monday: double day- 30 minutes elliptical (about 3 miles), then back to the gym for back/biceps

Tuesday: Legs/Glutes (my fave!!) …and still very sore!

Wednesday: Triceps/Chest, 20 minutes of elliptical (about 2 miles)

Thursday (today): 30 minutes on treadmill (3.5 miles)

Friday: Planning to get outside for a run…but may change my mind 🙂

Saturday: REST (Going to Bottlerock!)

Sunday: run/walk with Mom (Mother’s day)

My total miles this week: 8.5 —-> 21.5 more to go!

photo (3)


Are you all staying motivated?

Bikini season is coming up! Here’s to eating clean and training your butt off!!


 photo JennaSig_zpse9c98adc.png


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