Calling all Yogis!

Calling all yogis! (I love that word) Who out there loves yoga? It’s becoming the “it” thing to do around town. Hatha, vinyasa, bikram, power yoga to name a few of the many styles. I know, it sounds like I’m speaking a different language, right?

After hitting the gym for repeated days in a row, a nice long yoga session always helps break up the repetitive muscle strain and tension. Also pretty sure we can all use a little relaxation, myself included. I’m all about trying to find ways to de-stress. Lifting and cardio do this for me as well, but yoga specifically releases the tension building up from work, relationships and just life in general. I am de-stressing just thinking about it…

Here are some benefits:


Strength, posture, flexibility anyone? I’M ALL IN! Of course I believe that lifting weights is critical for all of the above, but cycling in yoga once in a while is a must for me.  Try these poses:


Send me a message or comment if you would like yoga studio recommendations in San Francisco. I also LOVE yoga DVD’s which can be done in the comfort of my teeny apartment. Jillian Michael’s is of course my fave- try her Yoga Meltdown.

Do you guys practice yoga? Would love to hear about it! I just mastered the crow pose! Woohoo 🙂

Here are some yoga articles that may be of interest to you:


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4 thoughts on “Calling all Yogis!

  1. Congrats on crow pose Jenna!! 🙂 And thank you for spreading the wonderful facts about yoga and how helpful they are! I have been a yoga instructor now for a year and a half! i have been teaching at multiple 24 hour locations in sonoma county, anytime fitness as well as at my own home! If your ever in the area please do not hesitate to call! I would love to give you a one on one session to accommodate your needs in stretching and relaxing as well as catch up because its been forever!! Hope all is well!

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