home gym must-haves

Lately I have been dreaming about moving into a 2 bedroom apartment so I can use one room as a designated gym (as well as a second closet which I am in dire need of). So until I have room for a treadmill, elliptical or a bike, I have put together a few smaller must-have items for my home gym.

home gym

1. Stability Ball: an inexpensive way to give your workout a little something extra. Use for core work, sit on it for shoulder work, use for wall sits or prop your feet on it for push ups. Theres a million things you can do with a stability ball.

2. Jump rope: cardio, cardio, cardio. Use a jump rope if you’re looking for an easy and simple cardio warmup.

3. Kettlebell: I am loving kettlebell exercises! Use them for cardio or strength training and work every muscle in the body.

4. Yoga mat: stretching, yoga, ab exercises, a yoga mat can be used for anything and everything.

5. Bosu Ball: instead of standing flat on the ground, stand on a bosu ball when doing shoulder or arm exercises, squats or killer crunches. This will give you an added core bonus.

6. Dumbbells: these are essential for any home gym. I like these specifically because the material will protect the hardwood from getting scratched. Also, be sure to get heavier weights. I usually use 8-15 pounds.

7. TRX resistance band (not pictured): this allows you to do hundreds of exercises using your own bodyweight. You can anchor it to your door at home. I have been loving TRX and bodyweight training lately!


2 thoughts on “home gym must-haves

  1. Great list, home gyms are the best! Have you thought about adding ExcelCord to yours? It also comes with a door anchor system and you can get a full-body workout with it (and build core strength from the ground up)! 😀

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