pomegranate benefits


Lately I’ve had a newfound obsession with pomegranates! Although they are messy and tedious to eat, you can also buy just the seeds in a convenient container. I have been finding myself going back for more every time I am at the market, so I decided to do a little research in lieu of my fascination.  Here’s some interesting findings:

  • Pomegranate is the most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits
  • Lowers risk of cancer, especially prostate and breast
  • Lowers cholesterol and risk of heart disease
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps control your weight
  • May have benefits to relieve or protect against depression and osteoporosis

As an original native of Persia, Persians believed Eve actually ate a pomegranate instead of an apple in the Garden of Eden. Ancient Egyptians buried their dead with pomegranates because they believed it offered eternal life. It is also believed to be a symbol of good luck according to Greeks and Chinese. Sorry to get “historical” on you, but I find all of this so interesting!

Many studies show that pomegranate is one of the most powerful, nutrient dense foods for overall good health. These findings clearly show a correlation between pomegranates and their positive effect on both human and animal cardiovascular, nervous, and skeletal health. This is one fruit that you can’t afford to exclude from your diet! Eat up peeps!

Try this nutritious smoothie and let me know what you think:


 Have a great week and thanks for reading!

(sources: drfuhrman.comGlobal Healing Center)


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