all cuisines gone clean

As much as I love my PAC (plain ass chicken), brown rice and greens, I am in need of a little variation! As I have said before, it is easy to eat clean when eating the same meals on a weekly basis. Especially if you are food prepping and cook one day a week for the meals the rest of the week. This is usually my lunch routine, but for dinner I love experimenting with different cuisines!

I also love going out to eat on the weekends, and that seems to be when I struggle the most with a healthy diet. Weekends are hard and there are so many temptations! Of course, while looking at a menu full of yummy goodness, you may want to go the opposite direction, but don’t be fooled! There ARE healthy things on the menu, we just need to become aware of what to swap out.


We recently had a sushi and movie date night this weekend, and I refused to go out on a limb and settle for white rice, tons of sauce or fried tempura. I LOVE sushi, but instead of the usual we can always opt for grilled salmon, brown rice, veggies or sashimi (raw fish). That is exactly what I did, and I left not regretting my meal.

Here are some clean eating thoughts for a sushi night out:

  • skip the white rice (head straight for brown rice)
  • go sauce-less (sauce is high in sugar and calories!)
  • say no to tempura (fried…enough said)
  • avoid the sake and go for water or tea (alcohol slows your metabolism and promotes fat storage!)
  • go raw! (fish are packed with nutrients and Omega 3s)

Sushi dates are do-able while eating clean as long as you make healthy swaps and take the time to think about what you are ordering!

Speaking of food, another cuisine that is one of my favs… Mexican! Who would have thought that you can actually eat a healthy burrito or taco. Here are some ideas to help guide you:

  • Tortilla Wheat tortilla or wrap in lettuce
  • sour cream non-fat greek yogurt (I swear it tastes the same)
  • salsa chopped tomatoes
  • guacamole avocado slices
  • taco meat lean ground turkey

There are SO many variations to eating healthy, and you can still enjoy different cuisines. No need to avoid restaurants as long as you make the swaps, and maybe you’ll be fine with the occasional treat now and then!

What is your favorite cuisine to order out?


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