Leg Workout

leg workout

Ok, my legs are KILLING me today! This was what has brought me to such misery today, but let me tell ya…it is SO worth it. If you are not getting sore, you need to find that fire inside of you. It was not until I started to lift weights that I saw a huge change in a short amount of time. Instead of just going through the motions, I have been increasing the weights and conquering my mind. I am realizing while typing this,  that I need to start posting progress photos! (My apologies, I’m not too fond of taking selfies!) I know a lot of women don’t know what to do the second they walk into a gym. I have been there myself, and I’m sure we all have. It can be very intimidating at first!  I thought this layout of a workout can help “guide” you through your gym routine. Follow these exercises and you will soon get in the groove and feel your way around. Get inside your head, think positive, keep working hard and be patient. You will get there. I love this saying…”Sweat today, smile tomorrow.”

Try this leg workout and let me know what you think!

1. Lunge with dumbbells


2. Lunge with barbell


3. Squat with barbell


4. Deadlift


 5. Seated Leg Extension

leg extension2

6. Laying Leg Curl


7. Leg Press


8. Seated Leg Curl


9. Seated Calf Raise

seated calfraise

10.Box Jumps


[Photos compliments of bodybuilding.com]

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5 thoughts on “Leg Workout

  1. Heyy! New to your blog!
    You are motivating me more than ever to LIFT. I love the high I get from cardio..and I’m a running lover..but man, I need to start lifting again!! I miss that sore feeling!

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