2013 Goals


It’s resolution time! Time to start the quest of taking action, rather than simply making resolutions and not sticking to them. I feel as if it helps to write them down and share them, while pushing to make this a great year! Here’s what I have on my mind for 2013:

  • Become a certified group class instructor
  • Sweat everyday
  • Meal prep every Sunday for the upcoming week
  • Start a morning workout regime (before work…tough!)
  • Blog more! =)
  • Travel more and explore different cultures
  • Stay away from negative people and things that hold me back
  • Learn from successful people
  • Set higher goals! (work on seeing those abs of mine, determined!!)

Most of all—->I think it’s so important to strive for excellence rather than perfection.

I have big expectations for myself, but it’s time to set the bar high and keep track of these goals!

What are your new years resolutions?


Today, I am a featured fitness guru on Jessica Read’s website! Go check her out and see what fitness apps we recommended!

—> Six Pack Apps for 2013


8 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. Inspirational! I try to follow some of them too (well.. most of them..) “Sweat everyday” for example 🙂
    But I think that instead of striving for excellence or perfection I just try to strive for personal progression..

  2. ha – I’ve resolved to exercise in the mornings and do more meal prep for the week on Sundays! Where are you hoping to travel to this year? I’m heading to Crete, Croatia, Oman and Jordan, plus a few places around Australia where I live – exciting!

  3. your posts are so inspiring! my new years resolution is to eat & sleep more regularly and to stop touching my face so much so i can have better skin! maybe i should add working out to that list too 🙂

    found your blog through Messy Dirty Hair

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