Fit Gal: Amber!

Hey all! I think its time for another Fit Gal! I would love to introduce you to Amber. A certain facebook posting got my attention and I knew I had to get her on Fitness and the City. Here is how it went: “Happy 1 year of healthy living to me! November 1, 2011 I decided to start living a healthy lifestyle (eating clean & exercising.) I’m not posting this for complements, but because someone’s posts like this inspired me to get off my ass. So if this helps just one person get motivated then I’m happy! If I can do it so can you.” So what do you think about that for inspiring?! Here she is…

Fit Gal: Amber

1. Tell us about yourself and your “fitness lifestyle” and journey.

I am 23 years old born and raised in Northern California. I recently graduated from Sonoma State University and live in Santa Rosa. Since I was little I have always been an active person. I played soccer for 14 years, ran cross country and worked out pretty routinely. I have always fluctuated in weight. I would lose weight and then put it right back on. College was some of my heaviest years because I wasn’t taking care of myself. Poor eating, too much drinking and not enough sleep. In November 2011, after looking at pictures of myself, I realized I needed to make a lifestyle change, and not just a quick fix but a forever one. I decided to start eating right and exercising. And I did just that. I did not use any diet program or pay for any personal training. I just used the simple formula of food in moderation and small portions, and at the gym cardio and weights. I also trained and ran my first ½ marathon and in June. Training for a run was great because I had a long term goal of running the 13.1 miles but also had the short term goals of making sure I ran each week. Which is a lot like my journey to where I am today because I believe a huge part of my success is setting small goals that work towards a bigger goal. I started my journey weighting 182 lbs. and I am currently 152. I am nowhere near done working towards my goal weight and my journey will never be over because fitness is a lifestyle and I plan to keep it in my life forever!

2. What are your goals and how are you working for them?

My next goal is to run a full marathon before I turn 24! Also, get down to my goal weight.

3. Do you “eat clean”?

I try my best to eat clean, but there are days that I totally blow it. What has helped me be successful is planning ahead. Making weekly schedules of what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I don’t prepare I give in to the “bad foods.” I also don’t cut anything out cold turkey. I believe eating the things I enjoy most (ice cream) in moderation is what has helped me be successful for this long and not go back to putting on weight. I also accept the days I don’t eat clean and reminding myself that tomorrow is a fresh start. I pay close attention to labels and how much hidden sugars are in items, those can get you!

4. In what ways do you stay active?

To stay active I take a boot camp class on Wednesday and Saturdays. I try to get to the gym Monday- Friday and do cardio every day and free weights every other day. I also love running so signing up for races always keeps me busy with training.

5. What inspires you to live this lifestyle?

Living this lifestyle has brought so many great things to my life. I have met new people through working out, I have a lot of energy and I just feel SO good about myself. What inspires me to live this lifestyle is to show people that it’s possible. It just takes the drive and determination in yourself to get moving. No one else is going to get you off the couch but yourself. Healthy is happy 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing with us Amber! Your positivity and desire to help others is awesome! I know I feel motivated by your determination and success! 🙂 

{If you would like to be a part of this Fit Gal project, please comment or send me a note. I would love to have you!}



4 thoughts on “Fit Gal: Amber!

  1. Great pics! Eating sweets in moderation can help. Some people like to have a cheat day, but I like to go cold turkey. Otherwise I would rationalize and eat the bad stuff eventually.

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