Exciting News!

I am so excited to announce something new and exciting for the blog! I have had many conversations recently with different people about their fitness lifestyle, what they do to stay fit, how they eat clean and their personal success stories and tips. So I thought it would be super fun to share other gals stories with my readers!

So here it is- I will have a super awesome, exciting and dedicated featured “Fit Gal” each week who will provide you with their story and answer a few questions I have for them. These gals are super sweet, fitness fanatics, and I am positive you will love them! You will learn different paths to success, how others are working toward their goals and learn how you can relate to their fitness lifestyle as you may be on the same journey.

I believe that we are all on the same path here and working together, sharing struggles, as well as success stories is what our community should be all about. We can all benefit from each other in one way or another.

If you would like to be a featured “Fit Gal” here on Fitness and the City, please email me at jenna.pardini@gmail.com and we can get you on here as well. I would love to have you! You don’t have to be a fitness model or bikini competitor, just someone who is on our same journey to bettering your life through health and fitness.

Stayed tuned for our very first Fit Gal…she is a very close friend of mine and I can’t wait to introduce her to you!

xo, Jenna


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