save the ta tas

Did you see the cover page of Self Magazine that I posted on my Facebook Page? Yes, you read it right, 790,740 women will get cancer this year! That number is insane! And quite scary, I might add. The moment I saw that number, I knew I had to write about it. I think it’s time for a more serious post, so I have listed 5 ways to help prevent cancer which every woman should strongly consider.

  1. Eat more veggies! And lots of it- at least 2 ½ cup veggies and ½ cup fruit each day. Eating veggies may prevent cancer cells from growing, and science has proved it! Produce is full of fiber which will also keep you full for longer (score!) But be sure to mix it up, as different fruit and veggies contain different cancer fighting antioxidants, and microRNA (to get all sciency on you).
  2. Keep your blood sugar in check, as good sugar levels may drop your risk. So ladies, its time to get your sweet tooth under control and start eating all wheat everything! Not to mention, your skin will be gorgeous, as sugar creates wrinkles! Yikes.
  3. Chocolate can ward off colon cancer (in moderation of course). I know I just said to control your blood sugar, but a bit of chocolate, dark chocolate even better, will help. Cocoa beans can prevent changes that cause cancerous cells to grow. Fun Fact: Adults who regularly eat chocolate are up to 7 pounds slimmer than those who don’t eat the treat, research finds. (Self Magazine)
  4. Exercise! To lower your risk, exercise 10-19 hours a week, intensity does not matter! Remember, everything is science proven! And of course, exercise has many, many other benefits as well.
  5. Find time to meditate. Meditation helps to break habits and also can help you break habits that are putting you at risk for cancer. “Find a quiet place, and set a timer for two minutes, Close your eyes, and pay attention to your breath; continue until the timer sounds. Try adding a minute each day; work up to 10 to 20 minutes. {Marsha Lucas, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist in Washington, D.C.}

{Credits: Self Magazine}

On a different note, have you all been keeping up with you fitness goals this week? Here is what has been on my agenda:

  • Monday: 30 minutes on the treadmill (fast pace) shoulder workout and abs
  • Tuesday: the weather got me in the mood to stay home and get cozy in bed. Sometimes you need a break! Although I am mad at myself at the same time!
  • Wednesday: 30 minute treadmill and intense legs workout (ouch!)
  • Thursday: 20 minute elliptical, 10 minute stair master, ab and back workout

As for the rest of the week:

  • Friday: I plan to hit the gym for some cardio and arms workout, but Fridays are tough for me to get there! I will need some serious push.
  • Saturday: I am attending Together We Yoga! (Click to check out what it is!) Also, planning to get some cardio in prior.
  • Sunday: I am running the Vintage Festival 5k run in Sonoma with my mom! Can’t wait for some quality time with the fam 🙂

The best weekends for me are when they are filled with fitness activities! This weekend I am trading the bar for the gym! Sound lame? Well, I will feel 100 times better than having a horrible hangover!

I am curious to hear of your fitness plans this weekend! Please share!! xo, Jenna


7 thoughts on “save the ta tas

    • Sounds like an awesome weekend! I am heading to NYC next month for the big INC marathon! (Not running, but for work). Will be my first time, so I am really looking forward to it! If you have any recomendations of places to go, eat, etc let me know! Have a great weekend!!

  1. wahoooo! I am SO glad chocolate is on that list! haha! i love those save the tatas shirts & hats I see, they’re hilarious! i just realized I wasn’t getting your blog emails – just signed up!!! can’t wait for you to guest blog! TGIF gf! XO

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