Exercise Schedule

Did everyone have a nice, active weekend? We had a gorgeous, sunny weekend here in San Francisco, and much of it was spent outdoors which was fantastic! Well, here I am again on this Sunday night thinking about my workouts for the week and how to incorporate them into other activities that I have planned. I am going to stress the importance of planning ahead. Set a schedule for yourself and go into the week knowing when you will be working out. This is so important and will force you hit the gym, get outside for a run or walk, or plan for a class at your local gym, fitness center or yoga studio. No excuses!

Below is the schedule that I aim for each week. Sometimes it is adjusted as things come up of course, but as long as you set a goal, you are more likely to fit it into your daily routine.

Below you will find a more detailed version of what each day may look like.


-4×20 Leg extensions

-4×20 Barbell Squats

-4×12 Leg Press

-3×20 Lunges (rotate legs, I also like to add a bicep curl to these)

-3×12 Deadlifts

-4×30 Calf Raises with dumbbells

-4×12 Hamstring Curls


-4×12 Shoulder Press

-3×12 Front Raise with Dumbbells

-3×12 Bent Over Lateral Raise

-4×12 Upright Barbell Row


-3×12 Wide Grip Lateral Pull-down

-3×12 Narrow Grip Pull-down

-3×12 One Arm Dumbbell Row (switch arms and bend over on bench)

-3×12 Seated Cable Row


-3×12 Standing Bicep Curl (use dumbbell or cable)

-3×12 Rope Tricep Push Down

-4×12 Skull Crushers

-4×12: Tricep Push-down (using sit machine, not sure of the name)

-3×12 Hammer Curls


-4×12 Dumbbell bench press

-3×10 Pec Flies (is this the correct name?)

-3×15 Cable Cross Overs

-Push ups, push ups, push ups!

For a more detailed description and photo of what each exercise is, visit Bodybuilding.com. I also try to incorporate some sort of ab exercise each day. Abs are the only muscle that do not need a day of rest. Just be sure to hit a different exercise rather than doing your average sit-ups each time. Your body will become used to the movement and you will not see any change. If you don’t think you will remember these exercises I have listed above, write them down and take them with you to the gym with you. One thing that I plan to do is to make a journal to take with me. Next to each exercise, I will document what I have accomplished as I go. I know, I am such a nerd, but this seems to be helpful to me. 🙂 I hope this helps, as you embark on your own fitness journey.
❤ Jenna



4 thoughts on “Exercise Schedule

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  2. This is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve lost about 40 pounds over the last 6 months but now want to maintain my size 6’s 🙂 and add some muscle (I realize the scale will fluctuate so I’m not worried about lbs) I’ve looked and looked for a weekly weightlifting and cardio schedule and this is just what I need. Thanks so much!

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