25 Running Tips

I have been so busy lately that I have had zero time to post! I hope you all had a great weekend, as I was busy doing all sorts of runs and competitions. And now into a crazy week at work! However, I did want to share some pictures with you from The Giant Race I ran on Sunday!

This was probably the most fun I’ve had at a race! Having the finish line inside AT&T park was such a treat. 🙂 I ran the 10k, while my mom ran the 5k and I am so proud of her! There is nothing like a mother/daughter run, especially when we are supporting our team and a good cause such as Project Open Hand. I was actually shocked to feel as if I came prepared, so I guess all of my running lately has paid off! (I came in at 55 minutes, at 6.3 miles which is not speed lightning but my best personal time!!) Now only 4 more weeks until my Nike Women’s Half! The countdown begins…

+On another note, I put together a few running tips that I have felt to be very helpful!

  1. Accept the challenge!
  2. Don’t think in mile increments, think in minutes.
  3. Invest in good running shoes. Spend at least $60, this is crucial to your health!
  4. Your shoes should be slightly longer and wider than your feet.
  5. Stay relaxed. Let your hands loose, and shoulders low.
  6. Make time for a quickie, 10 minutes of running is better than none!
  7. Always run against traffic.
  8. Warm up by walking and stretch only after a run.
  9. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! (With water that is. ;))
  10. Look for fast, low-fat fuel, such as bars containing 4 grams/230 calories or less.
  11. Always listen to your body. Stop when it is telling you to do so.
  12. Don’t overly aggressively stretch, as this can cause injury.
  13. Gradual training will make you gradually stronger!
  14. Take regular rest days and back off with injury. Allow it time to heal.
  15. Resistance train with hills, and always switch up your course.
  16. Compete with yourself. Pass others to give your adrenaline a boost.
  17. Don’t forget to pamper your muscles once in a while. Sit in a hot tub or bath, or get a massage.
  18. Save your energy for the last few miles, don’t take off at your fastest pace.
  19. Wear sunglasses if its sunny, as squinting takes energy.
  20. Run with a partner to motivate you to keep going.
  21. But run with yourself once in a while to be aware of your own pace.
  22. Set realistic short and long-term goals for yourself.
  23. Remember to take deep breaths to ease side cramps. They will eventually go away.
  24. Find a reason why. Dig inside yourself. What inspires you?
  25. And always remember, it gets easier!

+Can anyone add any more tips to my list??

Thanks for reading! Have a fit and fab week everyone! {And Go Giants!}

xo, Jenna


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