save the ta tas

Did you see the cover page of Self Magazine that I posted on my Facebook Page? Yes, you read it right, 790,740 women will get cancer this year! That number is insane! And quite scary, I might add. The moment I saw that number, I knew I had to write about it. I think it’s time for a more serious post, so I have listed 5 ways to help prevent cancer which every woman should strongly consider.

  1. Eat more veggies! And lots of it- at least 2 ½ cup veggies and ½ cup fruit each day. Eating veggies may prevent cancer cells from growing, and science has proved it! Produce is full of fiber which will also keep you full for longer (score!) But be sure to mix it up, as different fruit and veggies contain different cancer fighting antioxidants, and microRNA (to get all sciency on you).
  2. Keep your blood sugar in check, as good sugar levels may drop your risk. So ladies, its time to get your sweet tooth under control and start eating all wheat everything! Not to mention, your skin will be gorgeous, as sugar creates wrinkles! Yikes.
  3. Chocolate can ward off colon cancer (in moderation of course). I know I just said to control your blood sugar, but a bit of chocolate, dark chocolate even better, will help. Cocoa beans can prevent changes that cause cancerous cells to grow. Fun Fact: Adults who regularly eat chocolate are up to 7 pounds slimmer than those who don’t eat the treat, research finds. (Self Magazine)
  4. Exercise! To lower your risk, exercise 10-19 hours a week, intensity does not matter! Remember, everything is science proven! And of course, exercise has many, many other benefits as well.
  5. Find time to meditate. Meditation helps to break habits and also can help you break habits that are putting you at risk for cancer. “Find a quiet place, and set a timer for two minutes, Close your eyes, and pay attention to your breath; continue until the timer sounds. Try adding a minute each day; work up to 10 to 20 minutes. {Marsha Lucas, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist in Washington, D.C.}

{Credits: Self Magazine}

On a different note, have you all been keeping up with you fitness goals this week? Here is what has been on my agenda:

  • Monday: 30 minutes on the treadmill (fast pace) shoulder workout and abs
  • Tuesday: the weather got me in the mood to stay home and get cozy in bed. Sometimes you need a break! Although I am mad at myself at the same time!
  • Wednesday: 30 minute treadmill and intense legs workout (ouch!)
  • Thursday: 20 minute elliptical, 10 minute stair master, ab and back workout

As for the rest of the week:

  • Friday: I plan to hit the gym for some cardio and arms workout, but Fridays are tough for me to get there! I will need some serious push.
  • Saturday: I am attending Together We Yoga! (Click to check out what it is!) Also, planning to get some cardio in prior.
  • Sunday: I am running the Vintage Festival 5k run in Sonoma with my mom! Can’t wait for some quality time with the fam 🙂

The best weekends for me are when they are filled with fitness activities! This weekend I am trading the bar for the gym! Sound lame? Well, I will feel 100 times better than having a horrible hangover!

I am curious to hear of your fitness plans this weekend! Please share!! xo, Jenna

Fall Has Arrived

Tonight it set in. Fall has arrived! It’s getting darker earlier and it’s time to trade the tank tops for comfy sweaters. Well, not so much here in San Francisco. The coat’s are in the front of the closet year round and there are never shorts, but I do love the layering trends that come with fall. However, the holiday’s are quickly approaching. Can you believe it? It came so quick. When I think of fall, I think of comfort food and warm, cozy fires. But that does not mean it’s time to binge and opt for unhealthy food! It will be tough, but it will be essential especially during this time to keep eating clean and continue on your exercise regime. With that in mind, here are some of the few things I am determined to do this coming season.

  1.  Completely stop drinking diet coke. It is time to cut out this horrible sugar addiction.
  2. Host a pumpkin carving and decorating party.
  3. Have an early Thanksgiving potluck with friends, with food prepared as clean as possible of course.
  4. Go to a professional football game. Can you believe that I have never been?
  5. Come up with a creative Halloween costume. Time for a little DIY!
  6. Find at least one 5k to run a month.
  7. Start a healthy recipe book or binder. Time to get organized.
  8. Use my bikram yoga Bloomspot that has been posted on the fridge forever.
  9. Cut out as much alcohol as possible. One month no alcohol? Can I do it?
  10. Take a photography or art class to unleash my inner artist. 🙂

What are some of the things you are most looking forward to this fall?

Exercise Schedule

Did everyone have a nice, active weekend? We had a gorgeous, sunny weekend here in San Francisco, and much of it was spent outdoors which was fantastic! Well, here I am again on this Sunday night thinking about my workouts for the week and how to incorporate them into other activities that I have planned. I am going to stress the importance of planning ahead. Set a schedule for yourself and go into the week knowing when you will be working out. This is so important and will force you hit the gym, get outside for a run or walk, or plan for a class at your local gym, fitness center or yoga studio. No excuses!

Below is the schedule that I aim for each week. Sometimes it is adjusted as things come up of course, but as long as you set a goal, you are more likely to fit it into your daily routine.

Below you will find a more detailed version of what each day may look like.


-4×20 Leg extensions

-4×20 Barbell Squats

-4×12 Leg Press

-3×20 Lunges (rotate legs, I also like to add a bicep curl to these)

-3×12 Deadlifts

-4×30 Calf Raises with dumbbells

-4×12 Hamstring Curls


-4×12 Shoulder Press

-3×12 Front Raise with Dumbbells

-3×12 Bent Over Lateral Raise

-4×12 Upright Barbell Row


-3×12 Wide Grip Lateral Pull-down

-3×12 Narrow Grip Pull-down

-3×12 One Arm Dumbbell Row (switch arms and bend over on bench)

-3×12 Seated Cable Row


-3×12 Standing Bicep Curl (use dumbbell or cable)

-3×12 Rope Tricep Push Down

-4×12 Skull Crushers

-4×12: Tricep Push-down (using sit machine, not sure of the name)

-3×12 Hammer Curls


-4×12 Dumbbell bench press

-3×10 Pec Flies (is this the correct name?)

-3×15 Cable Cross Overs

-Push ups, push ups, push ups!

For a more detailed description and photo of what each exercise is, visit I also try to incorporate some sort of ab exercise each day. Abs are the only muscle that do not need a day of rest. Just be sure to hit a different exercise rather than doing your average sit-ups each time. Your body will become used to the movement and you will not see any change. If you don’t think you will remember these exercises I have listed above, write them down and take them with you to the gym with you. One thing that I plan to do is to make a journal to take with me. Next to each exercise, I will document what I have accomplished as I go. I know, I am such a nerd, but this seems to be helpful to me. 🙂 I hope this helps, as you embark on your own fitness journey.
❤ Jenna


See you on the Fitness Court

Hope you all are having a great week! I wanted to share a little bit about my new fav thing…The Fitness Court. The new court is located on the Marina Green in San Francisco, but hopefully other cities will hop on board with this idea. This weekend we participated in the First Annual Fitness Court Invitational. It was so much fun, and now I am making a point to head out there at least once a week.

What is the Fitness Court? It is a 7 minute circuit with 7 different movements, all using bodyweight training. Basically you do each circuit for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then move to the next. Sound simple? Not exactly once you get out there! Bodyweight training is tough, but is the “most functional and holistic method of training as it is efficient, produces measurable results and burns more calories per minute performed than most common forms of exercise.”
Below you will find pictures and descriptions of each circuit. These were all taken during the challenge as we tried doing as many reps as possible. {I thought I was going to die!}

1. CORE: plank, iron cross, side v-ups, plank twist, raised leg crunch

2. SQUAT: squat, one legged squat, side box jump, one legged step, side jumps

3. PUSH: standing push up, military press, seated dip, pike press, ring push up, ring dip {I need to work on these!!}


4.LUNGE: forward lunge, side lunge, step lunge, jumping lunge {my fav!}

5. PULL: standing row, body lift, assisted pull up, destabilized body lift, destabalized row

6.AGILITY: dot jumps, high knees, hop scotch, square runs

7.BEND: back extension, Bam bam, hamstring curl, back bend

We ended up both getting in the top ten, which is good enough for us! It is such a tough course but practice makes perfect. I also hear they are working on an iphone app which will tell you what to do and when to move with music. Super excited!

Thank you to the National Fitness Campaign  for making this happen! I think is so important to get our community involved in fitness and a court out in the open for everyone to use is just it! Hopefully more cities will have these in the future, but if not I guess you will have to make a trip out to San Francisco! 😉 See you out there!


25 Running Tips

I have been so busy lately that I have had zero time to post! I hope you all had a great weekend, as I was busy doing all sorts of runs and competitions. And now into a crazy week at work! However, I did want to share some pictures with you from The Giant Race I ran on Sunday!

This was probably the most fun I’ve had at a race! Having the finish line inside AT&T park was such a treat. 🙂 I ran the 10k, while my mom ran the 5k and I am so proud of her! There is nothing like a mother/daughter run, especially when we are supporting our team and a good cause such as Project Open Hand. I was actually shocked to feel as if I came prepared, so I guess all of my running lately has paid off! (I came in at 55 minutes, at 6.3 miles which is not speed lightning but my best personal time!!) Now only 4 more weeks until my Nike Women’s Half! The countdown begins…

+On another note, I put together a few running tips that I have felt to be very helpful!

  1. Accept the challenge!
  2. Don’t think in mile increments, think in minutes.
  3. Invest in good running shoes. Spend at least $60, this is crucial to your health!
  4. Your shoes should be slightly longer and wider than your feet.
  5. Stay relaxed. Let your hands loose, and shoulders low.
  6. Make time for a quickie, 10 minutes of running is better than none!
  7. Always run against traffic.
  8. Warm up by walking and stretch only after a run.
  9. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! (With water that is. ;))
  10. Look for fast, low-fat fuel, such as bars containing 4 grams/230 calories or less.
  11. Always listen to your body. Stop when it is telling you to do so.
  12. Don’t overly aggressively stretch, as this can cause injury.
  13. Gradual training will make you gradually stronger!
  14. Take regular rest days and back off with injury. Allow it time to heal.
  15. Resistance train with hills, and always switch up your course.
  16. Compete with yourself. Pass others to give your adrenaline a boost.
  17. Don’t forget to pamper your muscles once in a while. Sit in a hot tub or bath, or get a massage.
  18. Save your energy for the last few miles, don’t take off at your fastest pace.
  19. Wear sunglasses if its sunny, as squinting takes energy.
  20. Run with a partner to motivate you to keep going.
  21. But run with yourself once in a while to be aware of your own pace.
  22. Set realistic short and long-term goals for yourself.
  23. Remember to take deep breaths to ease side cramps. They will eventually go away.
  24. Find a reason why. Dig inside yourself. What inspires you?
  25. And always remember, it gets easier!

+Can anyone add any more tips to my list??

Thanks for reading! Have a fit and fab week everyone! {And Go Giants!}

xo, Jenna

why women should lift weights

I’ve been doing so much cardio lately in preparation for my marathon that it’s time that I got back in the weight room today. The topic of women in the weight room comes with many myths that I have been thinking about.

“Weight lifting will make me look manly and bulky. Women should only lift light weights with more reps. To loose weight I need to do more cardio versus weight training.”

These are all false statements! It is impossible for women to bulk up like men do. They simply do not have the testosterone levels to do so. So don’t think that the second you lift a heavy weight, you’re going to start looking like a body builder. In fact, if you want to attain a tight, toned physique in a short amount of time, heavy weights are the most important!

I have noticed that many women believe that doing hours of cardio and eating less will result in weight loss. Myself falling victim to this myth before actually learning about the facts. With cardio you are loosing water weight and lean muscle. But, the more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism and the more calories you will burn by just living and doing absolutely nothing!

Lifting heavy weights will also result in the greater overall muscle definition. When lifting such a light weight as most women do (2 pounds? I mean, really people?) your muscles are barely challenged.

I know it is a bit scary to step foot in the weight room at the gym. It’s a mostly male dominated area which will often lead to a couple stares here and there. This is exactly how I felt before I was comfortable in my own skin. So suck up your pride, and get in there with the rest of them! Weight lifting is the most important component of weight loss and building that toned physique that you strive for.

“Do not fear heavy weights any longer. What you should fear is being old and weak. What you should fear is wasting more time training strategies that just won’t get you where you want to go. Push your body – you are stronger than you think.”- {}

Happy Monday!

Here I am sitting at my desk still day dreaming about our trip! Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share. 🙂

I cannot wait to go back! On a different note, this weekend was absolutely beautiful in San Francisco. We took full advantage of the weather, ran outdoors, spent Saturday in Sonoma with my parents, and Sunday we walked miles from my apartment in the marina to the Ferry building. (Not to mention, got an extremely painful sunburn on my shoulders!)

Needing some motivation for the week?? Here ya go. 🙂

Did everyone have a nice active weekend in the beautiful weather?

Skirt Trend Alert

Who says you can’t be fashionable while working out? I love shopping for workout clothes, just as much, if not more than your everyday wear. Right now I am obsessing over this skirt trend that I have been seeing quite a bit lately! I just picked up this skirt from Lululemon.

Believe it or not this is my first Lululemon purchase! It seems to be the cliché in the Marina, but oh well! Still Nike faithful. 😉 This will be SO cute to wear out for a run, cant wait to get it in the mail!

Here are a few others I’ve been lusting for:


What do you guys think??

{skirt one, skirt 2, skirt 3, skirt 4}

Stress Less

Back to reality after a nice week long vacation. Vacation hangover is a good way to put it. We had the BEST time back east. Visiting with Jeff’s parents, exploring Boston a bit more than the last, then heading out to Cape Cod, and the most beautiful place in the world, Nantucket. Pictures to follow later this week. (I will spare you, but we took close to about 800!)

Not to mention, the food was absolutely amazing, so I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of a clean diet and daily exercise. I am so far behind on my marathon training as well, which can be a bit stressful and scary to think I will be running less than 5 weeks away! Training will start back tomorrow since birthday celebrations will be taking place tonight. Happy Birthday Mom!!

After being so relaxed, it has been quite disheveling getting back to work today. Below are 10 ways I find helpful to stress less.

1. Go for a walk or run

2. Talk it out

3. Breathe


5. Look for opportunities in life’s challenges

6. Reminisce about good times

7.Keep a journal, or jot down thoughts

8.Focus on what you can control

9.Go to bed earlier

10.Do yoga or any form of meditation

I hope this list helps you as it does myself. Thank you for reading and Happy Hump Day!

xo, Jenna