Travel Friendly Snacks

The worst part about going out of town for me is the price my diet pays. The assumption is that when you travel, you can’t eat healthy, so you don’t make the attempt. With such slim pickings at the airport or  during pit stops the only way to keep on track with a clean diet is to pack a carry on. Here are a few things that I am taking with me on our trip back East tomorrow.

Low-Fat Greek Yogurt: these are a new fav for me. Besides being a great source of protein in a portion controlled cup, yogurt contains probiotics, naturally occurring bacteria that can help settle your stomach.

Bananas: rich in magnesium, and a deficiency in this mineral can result in headaches and fatigue. I will be eating bananas like no other to avoid my common headaches.

Nuts: Their healthy combo of fat and protein can help keep you fuller for longer and reduce your calorie intake for the day. Not to mention I work for Diamond Foods {the maker of these delicious snacks} so I have plenty of these 100 calorie packs to go around.

A few other healthy travel snacks to store in your bag:

Turkey jerky: practically fat free protein source

Fruit snacks: stash a few no sugar added fruit snacks in your bag for a fiber filled way to satisfy your sweet tooth

Nut butter: I like to spread on apples, celery sticks or rice cakes to make them extra filling

Cereal: Look for boxes with no more than 120 calories per cup and a decent amount of fiber to tide you over

Now that I have my food situation thoughtfully planned out for our travel day tomorrow, next comes the hard part. Trying to fit all of the clothes, shoes, accessories into my suitcase. I may be into fitness and absolutely love my Nikes and yoga pants, I have a TON of clothes. I’d like to consider myself a fashionista, or dream of being one. Either way I hope my bag weighs less than 50 pounds!

I won’t be able to post until I return, so I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Thank you so much for reading,






One thought on “Travel Friendly Snacks

  1. I think our savory, gluten free snack bars would be an awesome addition to this list! Each bar has 1-2 servings of veggies… salad for your back pocket 😉

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