More Hours

I feel like it’s Monday all over again and I am lacking in the motivation department. I have yet to work out this week and now that it’s Wednesday I may just have to push myself after work. Work days starting at 6:30am are no bueno. I am wishing, hoping, praying there were more hours in the day! Even a 20 minute run would work for me at this point. Maybe thats what I will do today. I am 2 days behind on my marathon training schedule, so today will be day 1.  I am looking to this quote for that little boost that I need to not pass out right when I get home. Believe you can and you will. I can run or weight train after this long day/week. I can get on that marathon training schedule! Also photos like the one below make me happy…

This is my adorable boyfriend and I after I ran a Napa to Sonoma 5k with my mom. I got my best time yet, and they even had an extensive wine tasting to follow. Run then wine, I was a happy girl!

Cheers to more hours in a day! xo

{image credit: UUPP}


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