Isn’t this the truth!!? The only way I am able to make it to the gym is because of habit. Once I get out of the routine. that makes it ten times harder to get back. But let me tell you, I am SO sore from my workout last night! Definitely feeling it today (which is the sign I am doing something right)!  Here is my recap of what took place:

+20 mins on the treadmill (alternating pace)

+crunch with a weight/bench press (compound move)

+side twist with weight in hand

+bicycle crunch

+plant with one arm row


{15 reps of each exercise then repeat 3x}

+tricep pulldown

+lat pulldown

+bent over row

+overhead tricep extension

+rotating tricep kickback

{15 reps of each, repeat 3x}

I realize that you are probably wondering what these moves look like as the names can be a tad confusing. I am thinking of taking pictures and posting them in a later post, which will make it a lot easier to understand! I try and do as many compound moves a possible; aka one movement that hits multiple muscles. A fav of mine is a lunge with a bicep curl. Love these things! After this awesome workout I am pumped to go back… {maybe I will sneak out of work for a 30 minute eliptical workout today}

Have a fit and fab weekend!! {And thanks for reading!}

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