Dinner Made Easy

I will start by saying I am not a Michelin rated chef, nor cook on a regular basis. That said, most of my meals are super duper easy to make and don’t require a whole lot of time. The last thing I want to do after a long day of work, then gym, is cook for 2+ hours in the kitchen. Getting creative with the basics is the way to go for my lifestyle. Tonight I made tuna stuffed peppers for my boyfriend and I. It took 20 minutes at most, is a healthy option and good amount of food for the two of us.


+2 cans of solid white albacore tuna in water

+2 large peppers of your choice


+olive oil and vinegar


+green olives


The thing with this is that you can add anything you want to the tuna. Here I mixed in very little mayonnaise, and a splash of oil and some vinegar. The vinegar gives it a great taste. I then decided to add onions and green olives. LOVE green olives. I cut the peppers in half and filled them with the tuna mix. Very easy, yet tasty.

Tuna is high in protein, low in fat, packed with minerals and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Definitely something that I need to incorporate more in my diet. Instead of making your basic tuna sandwich with bread (carbs), why not opt for a more creative approach. This was delish!


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