Monday Motivation

Why do you work out? Here are a few of my reasons…

On Monday’s I usually like to plan out my workouts  for the week as best I can. Sometimes my schedule can change and things come up, but here is what I am thinking:

Monday: Legs, Shoulders, Abs

Tuesday: Biceps, Back, Abs

Wednesday: 30 minute eliptical during my lunch break (have plans after work)

Thursday: Triceps, Chest, Abs

Friday: run to the bridge and back (4+miles)

Saturday/Sunday: Rest

So here’s the scoop: When I get to the gym I usually start out with 20-30 minutes of cardio. Usually I stick to the treadmill or elliptical. Then weight training, and end with an ab exercise. When I know that I am unable to workout after work I try to get a quick cardio session in at the closest gym on my lunch break. My friday plans, as you can imagine, usually change by the second and sometimes happy hour sounds a bit more appealing than a workout. If so, I try to get a workout in on the weekend.

Planning my workouts ahead of time help me to stick to my routine and make sure they get done. My tip to you is to do the same and think ahead about how you can squeeze a workout into your busy schedule!

{image credit: reasons to be fit}


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